Geo For All - ISE

The Geo For All - ISE group does applied research and offers courses in the applied geospatial domain. The group is part of the Institute for Environmental Sciences and Forel Institute of the University of Geneva.

Geo For All - ISE is part of and supports the ICA-OSGeo Labs initiative "Geo For All" since December 2013.

Applied Research and Development

Our aim is to promote applied interdisciplinary research based on spatially explicit information and indicators on the past, present and future state of changing and complex environment. We are building several Spatial Data Infrastructures (SDI) to improve data sharing and processing.
Our challenge is clearly to fill the gap between scientific information on one hand and decision making on the other hand, in order to improve the sustainable management of our unique and fragile environment.
Our toolbox is composed of traditional GIS, remote sensing, relational data bases and statistical analyses, as well as dedicated modeling tools in Ecology, Hydrology, Demography, Climate, Risks or Land Cover analyses. This helps us to develop new solutions and methodologies based on innovative workflows involving enviromental data and geoprocessing and enabling us to visualize/interpret data and results of integrated models.
These geoprocessing tools are producing spatially explicit outputs at various scales. Methods for downscaling and upscaling geographic information are used to integrate them in order to asses for instance the vulnerability, sustainability or services of ecosystems.
These geoprocessing tools are also requesting more and more computing power to manage complex workflows on large datasets. We are therefore exploring ways to run these geoprocesses on the Internet and on distributed computing solutions (clusters, grid and cloud).


  • Modeling: species distribution, habitats mapping, hydrology, population dynamics.
  • Scenarios: climate, land use, demography.
  • Assessments: ecosystem diversity, ecosystem services, sustainability, vulnerability.
  • Technical: environmental modeling, spatial data infrastructure, GIS, remote sensing, statistics, distributed computing, GEOSS.

Dr. Gregory Giuliani (lead):
Coordinator of the Task ID-02 "Developing Institutional and Individual Capacity" for GEO/GEOSS.

  • Research interests: GIS, Remote Sensing, Spatial Data Infrastructure, GEO/GEOSS, Web Mapping, Distributed computing, Information Science, Open Source development, Open Data, Aquatic science, Environmental science, Climate change, Sustainable development, Natural hazards, Climate and Ecosystem services.
  • Affiliation: OGC, OSGeo, GEO/GEOSS Swiss coordination group, GEO/GEOSS Institutions and Development Implementation Board, GEO/GEOSS Disaster SBA Task Force, Research Data Alliance - Geospatial IG
  • Open Source Software: QGIS, GRASS, PostGIS, GeoServer, MapServer, Open Layers, GeoNetwork, GI-Cat, PyWPS, Ushahidi, CKAN
  • Webpage:

Prof. Anthony Lehmann

  • Research interests: Spatial Prediction Analyses in Complex Environments (SPACE) is the central theme under which our group gathers its past and present activities. The challenge is clearly to fill the gap between scientific information on one hand and decision making on the other hand, in order to improve the sustainable management of our unique and fragile environments.
  • Affiliation: OGC, International Society of Limnology (SIL), International Association for Landscape Ecology (IALE)
  • Open Source Software: QGIS, Geoserver, GeoNetwork, R
  • Webpage:

Dr. Nicolas Ray

  • Research interests: Movement Ecology, environmental modeling, population genetics, GIS, distributed computing, Spatial Data Infrastructure, GEO/GEOSS institutional capacity building.
  • Affiliation: GRID-Geneva, OGC, GEO/GEOSS Swiss coordination group
  • Open Source Software: QGIS, GRASS, R
  • Webpage:

Dr. Pierre Lacroix

  • Research interests: Cartography, Environmental Science, Geoprocessing, GIS, Humanitarian Demining, Spatial Data Infrastructure, Spatial Data Management, Spatial Decision Support Systems, Web Mapping
  • Open Source Software: GeoNetwork, GeoServer, OpenLayers, PostgreSQL/PostGIS, Python programming, PyWPS, QGIS
  • Webpage:

Yaniss Guigoz

  • Research interests: Cartography, GIS, Spatial Data Infrastructure, Web mapping, Crowdsourcing, Environmental science, Climate change, Human Geography
  • Open Source Software: GGeoNetwork, GeoServer, OpenLayers, PostgreSQL/PostGIS, QGIS, GI-Cat, Ushaidi, Joomla
  • Affiliation: GRID-Geneva, OGC
  • Webpage: