Data access

Students and collaborators of University of Gemeva have access to the following geospatial and statistical databases:

Europe and World

Thanks to the partnership with UNEP/GRID, students and collaborators can access data at the global, continental and regional level.


GEOSTAT: Access to a set of geostatistical data.

SWISSTOPO: School license including orthophotos of the whole Switzerland, national maps from 1:25'000 to 1:1'000'000 (raster maps, TLM, Swissnames), digital elevation model MNT25 and others. For more information contact pierre.lacroix(at)

Geneva and agglomeration

Through its partnership with the Système d'Information du Territoire Genevois (SITG), University of Geneva has access to all layers from a data server (ArcSDE). A complete update is available from the Intranet. For more information contact pierre.lacroix(at)


French 'Institut Géographique National' (IGN) "Educational and Research" license.


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