Thematic expertises:

Ecology: (A.Lehmann, N.Ray)

  • Species distribution modeling
  • Natural habitat mapping
  • Ecosystem services assessment
  • Fragmentation and corridors analyses
  • Protected areas planing
  • Land use and climate change impacts

Hydrology: (A.Lehmann, K.Rahman)

  • Hydrological modeling

Geography: (H.Dao)

  • Demographic modeling
  • Natural risks vulnerability

Géology: (G.Giuliani)

  • 3D mapping of underground
  • Geological risks

Energy: (T. Mareda, J. Faessler, A.Lehmann)

  • Renewable energy potential assessment

Public health / Global health: (N. Ray)

  • Geographical accessibility to health services
  • Cartography and optimization of healthcare networks in Africa

Climate: (A.Lehmann, G.Giuliani)

  • Climate change impacts at various scales

Urbanism: (H.Dao, C.Métral)

  • Territorial planification 
  • Building 3D modelling

Humanitarian: (P.Lacroix, N.Ray)

  • Humanitarian demining
  • Natural disasters and public health
  • Geospatial data management in low- and middle-income countries

Technical expertises:

Remote sensing: (H. Dao, G.Giuliani)

  • Image classification
  • Classification in object mode

Geographic Information Systems: (All)

  • Vector mode
  • Raster mode

Spatial Data Infrastructure: (G.Giuliani, P.Lacroix, Y.Guigoz)

  • Metadata catalogs
  • Data web services
  • Internet mapping services
  • Brokers of web services 

Statistical Analyses: (A.Lehmann)

  • Descriptives statistics 
  • Inferential statistics
  • Predictive statistics
  • Geostatistics

Geoprocessing: (N.Ray, G.Giuliani. D. Rodila)

  • Programming
  • Web processing services
  • Distributed computing

Databases: (P.Lacroix, C.Métral)

  • Relational database
  • Geodatabase

Ontologies: (C.Métral)

Developments: (M. Lacayo, G. Giuliani, P. Lacroix, F. Moser)

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