Highlighted projects

ESPON 2013: European ESPON project to which Prof. Hy Dao is contributing: "European Spatial Planning Observation network: ESPON Database and Database development"


enviroGRIDS: FP7 European project coordinated by Prof. Anthony Lehmann: "Building Capacity for a Black Sea Basin Observation and Assessment System supporting Sustainable Development", April 2009-March 2013.


EOPOWER: FP7 European project coordinated by Dr. Nicolas Ray: "Earth Observation for Economic Empowerment", June 2013-May 2015


IASON: FP7 European project "Fostering Sustainability and Uptake of Research Results through Networking Activities in Black Sea and Mediterranean Areas", June 2013-May 2015


Other projects: enviroSPACE - InfoGEO - ISE/GRID

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