Expo: One Planet, Many Geosptial Solutions


Alarms sound everywhere: climate, biodiversity, pollution, overexploitation menace the Earth's integrity.
What can we do?

Since 2015, the international community has mobilized around the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which have 169 sub-objectives and even more indicators to monitor our progress towards a more sustainable world.

These indicators, like the necessary collective consciousness, require reconciliation with the realities of our world and its social, economic and environmental limits.

This exhibition shows how spatial analysis tools provide concrete solutions to the complex issues of sustainable development at different scales:

  • How to better identify and protect biodiversity and the services that ecosystems provide to the citizens of Geneva?
  • How to assess the quality and quantity of water resources in Swiss rivers?
  • How to better share data useful for the creation of sustainable development indicators on a European scale?
  • How to improve accessibility to care networks around the world?

These are all questions that geospatial solutions can answer with interactive maps and graphs.



27 août 2018