TIGERS-TALK10: 10.10.16 - Dorian Gorgan

TIGERS-TALK 10: Monday October 10. at 12.15, Carl-Vogt: Prof. Dorian Gorgan, Computer Science Department, Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Flexible and Adaptive High Performance Computation on Environmental Big Data


The sheer volume and acquisition rates of huge data in Earth Observation (EO) may threaten to overwhelm many organizational storage capabilities, leading to situations in which data value is overtaken by storage costs, which will, in turn, lead to loss of data. Data can create value only when it is used by innovative people, which achieve unexpected valuable results through a flexible and adaptive manner. The users need to describe and experiment themselves different complex algorithms through analytics in order to valorize data.

Possible solutions for advanced processing of big Earth Observation and Earth Science data are given by the High Performance Computation (HPC) platforms such as Cloud and Cluster. With platforms becoming more complex and heterogeneous, the developing of applications is even harder and the efficient mapping of these applications to a suitable and optimum platform is challenging and complex as well, even by using specialized software services.

The BIGEARTH platform offers solutions to increase the efficiency of the data processing efforts by combining two main approaches, which are the high-performance computation (i.e. cloud-based solution), and the highly flexible description of the data processing tasks. WorDeL (Workflow Description Language) is a high level language supporting the specialists to describe in a very flexible manner the processing of EO massive data. The specialist does not need specific knowledge on computer programming and the management of HPC infrastructures such as cloud. The BIGEARTH platform provides support for the entire data flow, starting with process description, and finishing by visualization of the results.

This presentation highlights the main features and issues of the BIGEARTH platform and of the specially designed description language WorDeL, and exemplifies the Sentinel-2 satellite images processing tasks.

Short Bio:

Dorian Gorgan is Professor in Computer Science Department of the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, PhD supervisor in Computers and Information Technology, and coordinator of the Computer Graphics and Interactive System Laboratory (http://cgis.utcluj.ro). The fields of interest involve user interaction techniques, graphics processing and visualization, parallel and distributed processing on HPC infrastructures, development of platforms and applications for spatial data processing and visualization, interdisciplinary research in the domains of Earth Sciences and Earth Observations. He has been involved as scientific coordinator and WP leader in national and international research projects such as enviroGRIDS, IASON, BIGEARTH, PECSA, SEE-GRID-SCI, GiSHEO, mEducator, iTRACE, MedioGrid, COMPLEXHPC, and KEYSTONE. He has been member of scientific and reviewing committees of many ISI journals and international conferences, and gave more than 300 papers and presentations in journals and prestigious conferences in the domains of Computer Science and Earth Observation.


10 octobre 2016