TIGERS-TALK 17 5.5.17. Alessandro Gimona

Integrating biodiversity and ecosystem services in spatial planning for multi-functional landscapes

Carl-Vogt at 12.15, room 2: 

Dr. Alessandro Gimona, The James Hutton Institute, UK

Short bio: http://www.hutton.ac.uk/staff/alessandro-gimona

He is an ecologist and a geographer. He is a senior landscape scientist based at the James Hutton Institute, Aberdeen.  He was previously a landscape ecologist at the Macaulay Land Use Research Institute.


He was awarded his first degree in Environmental Biology  by the university of Trieste, Italy, a  MSc Ecology by the University of Aberdeen, UK and a PhD Geography, by the University of Aberdeen, UK.

Research interests

His research concerns the effect of land use and climate on ecosystem function, services, and species distributions. His approach focusses on the integration of various natural science disciplines, and the interaction between natural and social sciences. The methods he uses originate from ecology, soil science, remote sensing, agent-based modelling, spatial statistics, geography. He is presently coordinating research aimed at identifying and understanding multiple benefits and trade-offs in land use choices at the landscape scale. The creation of tools for deliberative dialogue among stakeholders, to be used in participatory land use planning,has been an important component of this research. Over the last ten year his research has concerned integrating remote sensing with ground-based data, modelling the effect of land managers’ behaviour on meta-populations, using Agent Based models, and the effect of climate on species distribution and their potential shift.


  • Member Steering committee of the Ecosystem Services Partnership (2015-present)
  • Member ESCom central - governing board of the Ecosystem Service Partnership-Scotland ( EScom ) (2014-present)
  • Co-leader Data and Modelling Process Area-EScom-Scotland (2014-present)
  • Associate editor: One Ecosystem (2015-present)


5 mai 2017