TIGERS-TALK 18 14.09.17 Perrine Hamel

Investment in watershed management programs - from local to global scale

Carl-Vogt at 12.15, room 1: 

Dr. Perrine Hamel, NatCap, Stanford University, USA


Water managers worldwide invest in watershed conservation programs to protect and enhance water resources. To guide these investments, we need information on the value of conservation for both freshwater services and potential co-benefits, such as climate change mitigation or biodiversity protection. I will present two case studies conducted by the Natural Capital Project that illustrate how spatial models of ecosystem services can support investments in watershed programs. The first study explores optimal scenarios for landscape management in a watershed in Peru, while the second one illustrates the benefits of concerted action for national agencies in Colombia to meet national and global sustainability goals.

Short bio: 

Perrine is a lead scientist at the Natural Capital Project, a partnership among Stanford University, the University of Minnesota, WWF, and The Nature Conservancy. Her research focuses on hydrologic ecosystem services in both rural and urban environments with applications throughout Asia and Latin America.
Since 2017, Perrine is co-leading the Livable Cities program of the Natural Capital Project, an initiative aiming to understand and elevate the role of nature in urban environments. She holds a Master of Civil and Environmental Engineering from the Ecole Centrale Nantes, and a PhD from Monash University, in Australia, in the field of urban hydrology.


14 septembre 2017