TIGERS-TALK 24 24.05.2018 Steven Ramage

ABC of GEO: an insight into the future of the Group on Earth Observations

May 24. 2018, Carl-Vogt at 12.15, information in the entrance of the building

Steven Ramage, GEO secretariat


There are approximately one thousand national government agencies and supporting organisations as members of the Group on Earth Observations (GEO). There are also more than five hundred unique organisations contributing to the GEO Work Programme. In addition to the delivering the vision and mission of GEO, there is now a massive coordination and communications challenge. This short talk will outline how some of the activities in the GEO engagement priorities are addressing some of these challenges. 

Short Bio: (https://www.linkedin.com/in/stevenr)

"I have worked with location (often referred to as geospatial or geographic) tools, technologies and practitioners since the mid90s. Most recently involved in working with and guiding national governments on issues, such as open data and open standards through engagement with the UN and the World Bank. I lead stakeholder engagement and external relations at the Group on Earth Observations (GEO) located at the WMO offices in Geneva advocating open EO data.

My preference is to focus on the importance of people, the need to determine business value and explain how technology should only be used to help deliver against goals, not be the goal. I believe in freely sharing information and ideas.

Specialties: Team building and leadership, strategic communications, strategic engagement, market analysis and segmentation, networking, partnership building and public speaking. I enjoy mentoring young professionals and speaking at schools and universities."





24 mai 2018