Supporting projects and Authors

The workshop was developed in the framework of FP7 enviroGRIDS, EOPOWER and IASON projects. The workshop was developed by the following institutions:

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Giuliani G., Lacroix P., Guigoz Y., Roncella R., Bigagli L., Santoro M., Mazzetti P., Nativi S., Ray N., Lehmann A. (2016) Bringing GEOSS services into practice: a capacity building resource on spatial data infrastructures (SDI). Transactions in GIS XX:XX-XX. Link to the publication.


The workshop for beginners (based on GeoNode) was developed by University of Geneva and UN Environment/Science Division/GRID Geneva in the frame of Scientific co-operation between Eastern Europe and Switzerland (SCOPES) funded "Supporting Sustainable Mountain Development in the Caucasus (Sustainable Caucasus)" project.