INNOGAP - Proof-of-Principle Fund

FIF - Innogap



In order to optimize the funding chain for innovative UNIGE and HUG projects with an 
entrepreneurial component, Fongit and Unitec have implemented the combined "Fast Track" submission process. With a “Fast Track” request, it is possible to combine an Innogap subsidy (max 30 kfrs) with
a FIF grant (max 50 kfrs) to reach support 80 kfrs (maximum). The initial request for UNIGE/ HUG is made to Unitec within the framework of Innogap
submissions indicating, in the request, the wish to benefit from the "Fast Track" option. Unitec assesses the technical and commercial development potential of each project and submits
the projects to its Board for award decision (up to 10 Innogap grants of max 30 kfrs each are
granted each year). The projects selected with the “Fast Track” option are then, after application by the project
leader on the FIF application platform, examined in an accelerated manner by the Fongit
Innovation Fund from an entrepreneurial and business perspective in order to determine, in a
first time the entrepreneurial profile of the project leader and the chances of creating a
commercially viable startup as well as the initial key stages as well as the Minimum Viable
Product Pitch (MVP Pitch). This analysis makes it possible to quickly release a first tranche
of 20 kfrs from the FIF. Secondly, the balance (30 kfrs) of the FIF scholarship is granted upon the achievement of
objectives such as obtaining convincing technical results, the preparation of a credible
presentation of the business plan in the form of a Minimum Viable Product Pitch. Unitec
will be responsible for the evaluation of the final technical report of the project. In addition, in order to help the entrepreneur achieve his/ her MVP, FONGIT will provide him/
her with a 10-hour coaching voucher provided by one of his coaches. For the closure of the Fast Track process, the project leader will be invited to present
his Minimum Viable Product Pitch to FONGIT in order to be best advised on the next steps
required for the creation of his startup.

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