Future of Health Grant


The founding partners of the Future of Health Grants are EPFL Innovation Park and CSS. Both are committed to supporting early-stage startups as they work to bring their innovative ideas to market. Our grant program is designed to provide financial assistance to startups at three different levels of maturity: idea level, MVP level, and market validation level. Startups can cumulate grants as they move through these levels. A steering committee makes the final decision on grant awards.

 In addition to the grant money, startups also benefit from human expertise in the form of: coaches, mentors and on-demand experts for specific technical needs. This support is invaluable as startups work to bring their products and services to the marketplace.


The 3-level grant program will benefit all early stage digital health projects, from the individual PhD still in a lab and wannabe-entrepreneur, to seed-stage startup building its solution.

Level 1: CHF 10'000

Level 2: CHF 30'000

Level 3: CHF 50'000


Do you want to know more ? Check out the website:

26 juillet 2022