Hasler Foundation - Startup support

You Want to Found a Start-up?

We could help you ...

The Hasler Foundation has helped innovators for years in supporting their ideas with significant amounts of money.The conditions:

  • You are a startup based in Switzerland, typically out of a university. The founders have only recently completed their education, be it a PhD or aMaster’s degree.

  • Your company’s offering is an innovation in ICT itself and not only an innovative application of ICT. The intellectual property rights are with your company either through a licence from the university, based on your own patents, or trade secrets thus giving you a technological USP.

  • The market potential of your offering is clear. You have a business plan on how you want to enter the market and already have a proof of concept of your technology and its application.

    Further details you can find on our website, where we describe our startup support.

13 mai 2019