Collecting Resources


Selection & extraction process

The primary initative of the project consists in gathering a broad array of periodical covers ranging from 1890 through 1990. This ambitious objective has been undertaken by Céline Belina, Barbara Topalov and Thomas Gauffroy-Naudin who have explored digital directories and extracted relevant material. 

However, they quickly realized that access to digitized archives of print magazines is often challenging. In fact, their original intention was to establish a list of compatible periodicals first, and then find their digitized version. This idea was scrapped when they realized a good portion of the sources are not available online. Instead, their process have shifted to a search from a list of both major and specific directories and thus collecting every relevant issue on each platform. 




An International Body of Documents ?

This first portion of the project mainly looks at IIIF sources because of their richness in metadata. Nonetheless, only a few libraries and directories offer this format and, more genrally, digitized sources seem more scarce outside of western institutions. This graph and the map below of the provenance of our IIIF material demonstrates the concentration of these sources in Northern America and Western Europe. Addtionally, the underrepresentation of African and Asian sources could shed light on bigger academical issues of media preservation and archiving. Therefore, one could raise questions about the geographical biais of our corpus. As we aim to study the globalization of images, this is something we keep in mind while analyzing our first clusters. 


To learn more about our the first results, head to our Explore page below: