Styles Revisited: From Iconology to Digital Image Studies

CFP – 2021-2022 Artl@s/Visual Contagions Research Seminar project.

Deadline 10th May 2021.

Organizers: Béatrice Joyeux-Prunel (UNIGE), Catherine Dossin (Purdue University), and Nicola Carboni (UNIGE)

The 2021-2022 Artl@s/Visual Contagions research seminar will be devoted to the ubiquitous yet elusive and challenging notion of “style”. The seminar forms part of two research projects: IMAGO at École normale supérieure, Paris, France (European Jean Monnet Excellence Center, 2019-2022), on the European circulation of images, and a new project launched in January 2021 at the university of Geneva, Switzerland, VISUAL CONTAGIONS (SNSF 2021-2025), on the globalization of images. We are seeking contributions from scholars at all stages of their careers whose research may help to shed new light on the long-standing question of style, in the hope of promoting a more global outlook that spans different cultures and methodologies, from iconology to digital visual studies. We are equally interested in more traditional art historical approaches such as case studies, and in more recent digital and computational approaches. Indeed, it is hoped that the seminar will offer an opportunity to bring these different approaches together in a productive dialogue.

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