Ding Lu

(I have moved to UC Davis since Dec 2018)


Ding Lu, Ph.D.

Section of Mathematics, University of Geneva.

Address 2-4 rue du Lievre
CH-1211 Geneva, Switzerland
Tel. ++41 22 379 11 67
Email Ding.Lu@unige.ch
Homepage http://www.unige.ch/~dlu


I am currently a postdoctoral researcher at the Section of Mathematics, University of Geneva. I obtained my Ph.D at Fudan University in 2015. Part of my thesis was done during my visit to the University of California at Davis (2012.10–2014.3).

Research interests

My research interest is in numerical algorithms. Currently, I am focusing on developing novel, efficient and reliable methods for algebraic eigenvalue, and eigenvalue related problems. Robust solvers for these problems are the backbone of present-day computations in scientific research and engineering.



Codes and Software