Description of the program

Amadeus is a powerful tool designed to manipulate, create and analyse sounds. It offers most of the basic functions like echoing, frequency filtering, resampling, intensity modulation, mixing, and so on. Besides, it offers a few more original tools like:

Downloading the program

There are two different binaries you can download here: an english version and a french version. In order to use the file saving and printing functions, you have to be a registered user. To know how to become a registered user, report to the section "Informations about registering"

Both binaries ar FAT, this means they should run as well on 68k and PPC machines.

All the binaries available on this page run only on Macintosh compatible machines with system 7.1 or later! Don't try to use them on Windows or Unix machines.

English version
French version

The latest available version is 1.44..

Informations about registering

Amadeus is not a freeware. This means that if you want to use the file saving functions, you are supposed to register. The registering fee is 25$ or an equivalent amount in any currency. The payments are processed by Kagi . Among others, some accepted payment methods are:

It is possible to register online