Fractal Designer

Description of the program

Fractal Designer is a program that allows you to generate magnificent pictures based on fractal algorithms. The main feature that distinguishes this program from other similar products is that it contains a little interpreter that allows you to modify directly the algorithm. This allows you not only to explore the classical Mandelbrot and Julia sets, but also to create your own algorithms to explore pictures created by attractors of a map of the type

xn+1 = f(xn,z,c) x0 = f(z,c)

where z is the current location on the screen and c is a constant. For the Mandelbrot set, for example, the algorithm is

xn+1 = xn2+ z x0 = 0

and the only attractor point is infinity.

Version v2.0 has a completely new user interface and the color management has been entirely rewritten. It moreover allows to export the pictures in any of the formats supported by your version of QuickTime.

Downloading the program

The binary you can download on this page contains the application Fractal Designer and many examples of pictures realized with this program. It also contains a programming kit that allows you very easily to compile your own algorithms in order to generate the pictures much faster (about two or three times).

This binary is optimisated for PowerPC based machines. This means that it won't run on older machines based on Motorola 68k processors.

The binary available on this page runs only on Macintosh compatible machines with MacOS 8.1 or later! Don't try to use them on Windows or Unix machines.

FractalDesigner v2.01
FractalDesigner v2.01 (Without gallery)
Lyapunov package

The latest available version is v2.01. The archives must be expanded with StuffIt Expander 5.x

Look at some examples of Pictures drawn with FractalDesigner.

Informations about registering

FractalDesigner is a shareware. This means that if you want to use the file saving functions, you are supposed to register. The registering fee is 20$ or an equivalent amount in any currency. The payments are processed by Kagi . Among others, some accepted payment methods are:

It is possible to register online