Testset of Stiff ODEs

All the problems of this testset are described in our monograph "Solving Ordinary Differential Equations. Volume II".
Fortran 77 subroutines of the equation (and Jacobian), and of the drivers for the stiff codes RADAU5, RODAS, SEULEX are available.
If you have problems with running these drivers on your computer, please, contact Ernst.Hairer@math.unige.ch. It may be necessary to change the CALL DTIME(TARRAY) by a call to your local clock.
Remark. Further interesting test problems can be obtained from the testset for IVP solvers of Bari (former CWI Amsterdam), and from the IVP Software page of Jeff Cash; see also the IVP software page of Frnacesca Mazzia and Felice Iavernaro.

Stiff Problems

Mechanical Problems