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Mathematics plays a key role in understanding the world around us, both through its connections to science and in its processes of rational thought. The pace of development of modern mathematics is staggering and yet most people are by and large left in the dark, leaving a huge gulf beltween the world of professionals and the "general public".

Bridging this gap is tricky: there is the abstract nature of the subject, the fact that it builds internally on itself, and the less-than-ideal experience many have at school which can lead to math block and the social acceptability of failure at mathematics.

Together with Hugo Parlier I wrote an interactive book for iPad called Mathema, aimed at non-mathematicians, whose goal is to convey the true mathematical experience by engaging the reader in accessible but authentic mathematics. It is much more than a book and interactive activities play a central part in the experience.

Sadly, Mathema is currently unavailable for download. Hopefully, it will be back on the App Store soon.

" interactive book, that is engaging, interesting, well written, and attractively designed, that conveys mathematics as its practitioners and enthusiasts see it: beautiful and creative..."
- mathrecreation

"...a new interactive book app, unprecedented in its usability and functionality as a popular science text."
- Calculate