Affine Isometric Actions of Discrete Groups

June 28 - July 3, 2009

Ascona, Switzerland

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Participants will come on Sunday afternoon/evening 28th June. Talks will begin Monday morning, 29th June and end on Friday lunchtime, 3rd July. Wednesday afternoon will be free for sightseeing, etc.  See the Abstracts, and the Schedule of talks.

Plenary talks:

Bachir BEKKA (Rennes)
On the ergodic theory of groups of automorphisms of nilmanifolds

Marc BOURDON (Lille)
p-cohomology and word hyperbolic Coxeter groups

Indira CHATTERJI (Orléans)
Cohomology and distortion for central subgroups in Lie groups

Cornelia DRUTU (Oxford)
Asymptotic median structure of mapping class groups, applications to homomorphisms

Erik GUENTNER (Hawaii)
Metric complexity and topological rigidity

Nicolas MONOD (EPF Lausanne)
Higher vanishing in bounded cohomology

Assaf NAOR (Courant Inst)
On the role of random walks in quantitative non-embeddability

Andres NAVAS (Santiago)
On the affine isometric actions of groups of 1-dimensional diffeomorphisms of low regularity.

Graham NIBLO (Southampton)
On Yu's property A

Piotr NOWAK (Texas A & M)
Controlled coarse homology and isoperimetric inequalities

Jesse PETERSON (Vanderbilt)
Virtual W*E-superrigidity

Florin RADULESCU (Roma)
Operator algebra representations for Hecke operators and Ramanujan Peterson conjectures modulo operator algebra ideals

Mark SAPIR (Vanderbilt)
Lacunary Hyperbolic Groups

Introductory lectures for PhD students by:

Nicolas MONOD (EPF Lausanne)

Bachir BEKKA (EPF Lausanne)
Affine isometric actions of groups of diffeomorphisms of the circle

Contributed talks:

Florent BAUDIER (Besancon)
Free groups and metric invariants

Jacek BRODZKI (Southampton)
Operator algebras and translation structures on metric spaces

Reduced 1-cohomology and relative property (T)

Alex FURMAN (Chicago)
Measure-theoretic notion of imbedding between countable groups

Damien GABORIAU (ENS Lyon)
Free products and Bass-Serre rigidity in Orbit Equivalence

Alexander GAMBURD (Northwestern)
Uniform spectral gap bounds

Tsachik GELANDER (Hebrew University)
Fixed points and uniformly convex spaces

Gabriella KUHN (Milan)
Representations of currents taking values in a totally disconnected group

Masato MIMURA (Tokyo)
A fixed point property and the second bounded cohomology of universal lattices

Yves STALDER (Clermont-Ferrand)
Affine actions of wreath products

Troels STEENSTRUP (Odense)
Herz-Schur multipliers and non-uniformly bounded representations of second countable, locally compact groups.

Andreas THOM(Göttingen)
Cocycles, L2-invariants and the ring of affiliated operators

Alina VDOVINA (Newcastle)
Cayley graph expanders and groups of finite width


Goulnara Arzhantseva ( Geneva) and Alain Valette ( Neuchatel)

Supported by:

Swiss National Science Foundation , Swiss Doctoral Programme in Mathematics, ETH Zurich