Mathematical Physics Seminar

Mathematical Physics Seminar at Geneva University 2019-2020

Previous talks:

2020, Spring:

17/02/2020. Speaker: Marianna Russkikh
Title: Dimers and embeddings

02/03/2020. Speaker: Raphaël Butez
Title: Outliers for zeros of random polynomials and Coulomb gases

09/03/2020. Speaker: Charles Bordenave
Title: Strong asymptotic freeness for representations of independent Haar unitary matrices

As Zoom meeting

30/03/2020. Speaker: Hugo Duminil-Copin
Title: Gaussianity of the 4D Ising model

20/04/2020. Speaker: Thomas Leblé
Title: Two "physical" characterizations of the Sine-beta process

27/04/2020. Speaker: Christophe Garban
Title: Kosterlitz-Thouless transition and statistical reconstruction of the Gaussian free field

04/05/2020. Speaker: Franco Severo
Title: On the diameter of Gaussian free field excursion clusters away from criticality

11/05/2020. Speaker: Simone Warzel
Title: Mean-Field Quantum Spin Glasses

18/05/2020. Speaker: Antti Knowles
Title: Field theory as a limit of interacting quantum Bose gases

25/05/2020. Speaker: Paul Melotti
Title: The eight-vertex model via dimers

15/06/2020. Speaker: Yacine Aoun
Title: Sharp asymptotics of correlation functions in the subcritical long-range random-cluster and Potts models

2019, Autumn:

16/09/2019. Speaker: Antti Knowles
Title: Expander graphs and the spectral gap of random regular graphs

23/09/2019. Speaker: Dominik Schröder
Title: Edge Universality for non-Hermitian Random Matrices

30/09/2019. Speaker: Vittoria Silvestri
Title: Fluctuations and mixing of Internal DLA on cylinders

07/10/2019. Speaker: Jonathan Hermon
Title: Anchored expansion in supercritical percolation on nonamenable graphs

14/10/2019. Speaker: Phan Thành Nam
Title: Nonlinear Gibbs measures as the limit of equilibrium quantum Bose gases

21/10/2019. Speaker: Daniel Lenz
Title: Spectral theory of one-dimensional quasicrystals

28/10/2019. Speaker: Alessandro Olgiati
Title: Stability of the Laughlin phase in presence of interactions

04/11/2019. Speaker: Christian Webb
Title: How much can the eigenvalues of a random Hermitian matrix fluctuate?

11/11/2019. Speaker: Nicolai Reshetikhin
Title: Limit shapes in statistical mechanics

12/11/2019. Speaker: Tyler Helmuth
Title: Random spanning forests and hyperbolic symmetry

18/11/2019. Speaker: Mikhail Khristoforov
Title: Discrete multi-point and vector-valued observables in percolation.

25/11/2019. Speaker: Izabella Stuhl
Title: The hard-core model in discrete 2D: ground states, dominance, Gibbs measures

02/12/2019. Speaker: Vieri Mastropietro
Title: Renormalization Group approach to universality in non-integrable systems

02/12/2019. Speaker: Christopher J. Bishop
Title: Weil-Petersson curves and finite total curvature.

16/12/2019. Speaker: Lucas Benigni
Title: Fermionic eigenvector moment flow

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