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The excited-state dynamics of radical ions in ambient temperature solutions is still an under-explored field, particularly in light of the participation of radical ions in many important processes.

Here we have chemically reduced an organic chromophore to study the excited state dynamics of its radical anion. The excited-state lifetimes of most radical ions investigated so far are extremely short, due to efficient non-radiative processes, most probably involving conical intersections. However the anion studied here is surprisingly long lived as testified by the transient absorption measurements shown in figure a). Global analysis (figure b, see also selected time profiles in c) reveal the dynamics are dominated by a ~200 ps component that can be ascribed to the decay of the excited state to the ground state of the anion. It is hoped that studies of a selection of different organic anions will be able to shed light on the “anomalously” long lifetime exhibited here.

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Eric Vauthey

Physical Chemistry Department - Sciences II - University of Geneva
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