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We are investigating the effect of vibrational excitation on the nature of the electronic state of symmetric multipolar molecules. Panel A shows a transient IR absorption spectrum of such a dye measured 50 ps after S1←S0 excitation. This band corresponds to the 1←0 transition of the antisymmetric -C≡C- stretch vibration of the dye. Panel B depicts the result of a pump-pump-probe measurement where an IR pump pulse (P2) excites the 1←0 transition 50 ps after electronic excitation with the first pump pulse (P1). The negative band is due to both the bleach of the 1←0 absorption and the 1→0 stimulated emission, whereas the positive band arises from the 2←1 transition. The dynamics reflects the decay of the vibrational excited state. In the present case, vibrational excitation does not affect the nature of the electronic excited state.

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Eric Vauthey

Physical Chemistry Department - Sciences II - University of Geneva
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