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04/10/2005 Vanessa Legagneur   Transition Metal Oxide Synthesis and Physico-Chemical Characterisation

Prof. Elva Diaz   Functional genomics of cerebellar granule neuron development

07/10/2005 Oppolzer Lectures 2005

M. Alexander Scherl   Characterization of Staphylococcus aureus Proteins Involved in Glycopeptide Tolerance with Mass Spectrometric Based Methods

17/10/2005 Dr. Stan van de Graaf   Regulated endo- and exocytosis of the epithelial calcium channels TRPV5 and TRPV6.

20/10/2005 Dr Simone Tortoioli   Acid and Base-Catalyzed Thiolysis of 1,2-Epoxides in Water and Solvent-Free Conditions

21/10/2005 M. Stéphane Pagès   Dynamics of Ultrafast Charge Transfer Reactions involving Short-Lived Excited States

24/10/2005 Prof. Graham R. Fleming   Ultrafast Spectroscopy : Wavepackets and Photon Echoes

Prof. David A. Leigh   Tooling Up for Nanoworld: The Magic of Molecular Machines

25/10/2005 Prof. Graham R. Fleming   Multidimensional Spectroscopy : 2-Color Peak Shift and Two-Dimensional Photon Echo Spectroscopy

26/10/2005 Prof. Horst Vogel   Investigating Cellular Signalling in the Nanometer and Attoliter Range

27/10/2005 Nicolas Molnarfi   Production of Pro- and Anti-Inflammatory Cytokines in Human Monocytes: Regulation and Signaling

Dr Damien Jeannerat   NMR at the department - The service and a quick tour of standard (COSY, HSQC, NOESY, etc.) and less standard (Diffusion, etc.) experiments

31/10/2005 Prof. Klaus Schulten   Physics of Photosynthesis

Mme Gabriela Frei   Gemstones and Chemistry - Diamonds are not Forever

02/11/2005 Prof. Pierre Braunstein   Bimetallic Complexes, Chains and Clusters

03/11/2005 Prof. Stefano Maiorana   Metal-conjugates of Peptide Nucleic Acids (PNA)

Roman Arvaï   Application of Arene Chromium Tricarbonyl Complexes to the Synthesis of Biologically Active Compounds

07/11/2005 M. Hans G. CRUZ   Subunit composition and function of Kir3/GIRK channels activated by drugs of abuse

09/11/2005 Prof. Zbnigniew Adamczyk   Colloids as Universal Systems for Studying Adsorption

10/11/2005 Dr Sandrine Gerber   New efficient strategies for the asymmetric synthesis of long chain polyketides and analogues

15/11/2005 Dr. Valera Veryazov   The study of the electronic structure of fullerites with the MOLCAS quantum chemical package

16/11/2005 Prof. Maurice L'Her   Charge transfers at Liquid-Liquid Interfaces

17/11/2005 Prof. Samuel H. Gellman   Structure and Function in β-Peptide Foldamers

18/11/2005 Prof. Hervé This   Les chimistes nous feront-ils manger des tablettes nutritives ?

Prof. Samuel H. Gellman   New Approaches to the Study of Higher Order Structure in Polypeptides

21/11/2005 Prof. Peter R. Ogilby   Singlet oxygen : History and Significance

Prof. Mike Zaworotko   Pharmaceutical co-crystals: Do they represent a new path to imporved medicines?

22/11/2005 Prof. Peter R. Ogilby   Preparation and Detection of Singlet Oxygen

Prof. Masahiro Yamashita   Nano-Science of Advanced Metal Complexes : Single-Chain Quantum Magnets, Gigantic Third-Order Optical Nonlinearity and Direct Observation of Soliton by STM of Nano-Wire Metal Complexes

24/11/2005 Prof. Pascale Zimmermann   Control of signalling by the PDZ protein syntenin and syndecans

Dr Graham Cumming   From Acremolactone A to Pyrrolidines - Studies on the Epoxidation and Aziridination of Dihydropyrans

Prof. Christopher J. Cramer   Dioxygen Activation at Monocopper Enzyme Site Models

29/11/2005 Dr. Pierre Brodard   In-situ Raman spectroscopy of nanostructures using Scanning Tunneling Microscopy

30/11/2005 Prof. Carlo Alberto Bignozzi   Design of Photoelectrochemical, Electrochromic and Photochromic Devices Based on Functionalized Metal Oxide Semiconductors

01/12/2005 Prof. Jieping Zhu   From simple isonitrile to complex heterocycles and macrocycles

02/12/2005 Emmanuelle Cognard   Utilisation et apport de la trappe ionique pour l’analyse de xénobiotiques dans les matrices biologiques en toxicologie forensique

Prof. Richard A. Firtel   "Finding their way” How cells sense and move to directional cues"

07/12/2005 Dr Magnus Ullner   Polyelectrolyte Interactions - From the Behaviour of Single Chains to Solutions of Oppositely Charged Polyions

08/12/2005 Dr Tomohiro Miyatake   Self-Assembly of Zinc Chlorins that Mimics Natural Light-Harvesting System

13/12/2005 Prof. David N. Reinhoudt   From Supramolecular Chemistry to Nanofabrication

Prof. Peter Hamm   A Pico-to Microsecond Study of the Folding of a Photo-Switchable alpha-Helix

14/12/2005 Prof. Alex von Zelewsky   100 Years of Chiral Coordination Chemistry. A Retrospective, an Account, and some Perspectives

19/12/2005 Prof. Jacques Weber   Modélisation et simulation en chimie: l'avènement des sciences computationnelles

21/12/2005 Prof. Loïc Blum   Couches sensibles bioactives pour l'élaboration de biocapteurs et de biopuces à détection luminescente

22/12/2005 Mme Eva HAMMAR BOUVERET   Extracellular Matrix-induced Signalling Pathways and Pancreatic Beta Cell Survival

11/01/2006 Prof. Michael D. Ward   Polyhedral Coordination Cages; Anion-Templation and Host-Guest Chemistry

12/01/2006 Prof. Justin Du Bois   Drawing Inspiration for Reaction Design from Nature's Products

13/01/2006 Prof. Donna G. Blackmond   Kinetic and Mechanistic Studies of Proline-Mediated Transformations

16/01/2006 Dr Martial Saugy   Derniers développements analytiques et juridico-sportifs liés à la lutte anti-dopage

17/01/2006 Prof. Roland Lindh   Bioluminescence : 1,2-dioxetane as a model

18/01/2006 Prof. Hubert Girault   Les aspects électrochimiques de la protéomique

19/01/2006 Prof. Stefan Hecht   Designing Helically Folding Macromolecules - From Scaffolding to Responsive Systems

Dr Daniel Guillon   Organisation Supramoléculaire de Dendrimères Amphiphiles de Type Janus

20/01/2006 Emmanuel Terazzi   Contrôle moléculaire de l'organisation mésoscopique et des propriétés magnétiques de complexes mésogéniques de lanthanides

24/01/2006 Dr Laure Guénée et Dr Georg Papastavrou   “De l’Organisation Atomique aux Propriétés des Matériaux” et “Interaction Forces between Polyelectrolytes Covered Surfaces”

Prof. Mihail Atanasov   DFT Studies on the Magnetic Exchange Across the Cyanide Bridge

25/01/2006 Prof. Giuseppe Filardo   Carbon Dioxide-a Versatile Molecule

26/01/2006 Dr Hiroyuki Tanaka   Synthesis and Application of Optically Active Naphthalene Oligomers

01/02/2006 Visite des Labos de la Section de chimie   la Section de chimie ouvre ses labos aux collégien-ne-s, gymnasien-ne-s, lycéen-ne-s

Prof. Bernd Giese   Chemistry at a Distance: Electron Transport through DNA and Proteins

06/02/2006 Dr H. Watzke   Food as Soft Materials: New Approaches in Food Science

07/02/2006 Prof. Santiago Alvarez   Redefining Molecular Shape and Symmetry as Continuous Functions

08/02/2006 Dr Luis M. Liz-Marzan   Optical Response of Metal Nanoparticles and their Assemblies

09/02/2006 Dr Jonathan Nitschke   Construction, Substitution, and Sorting using Subcomponent Self-assembly

14/02/2006 Dr Peter O'Brien   Basic Instinct: Chiral Diamines for Asymmetric Synthesis

15/02/2006 15 conférenciers (CH, EU)   Chimie Analytique et Ecotoxicologie

Prof. Philippe SANSONETTI   Rupture, invasion and inflammatory destruction of the intestinal epithelium by Shigella. The Yin and Yang of innate immunity

16/02/2006 Prof. Helma Wennemers   Peptides - Molecular Recognition, Catalysis, Cleavage

17/02/2006 Hans Lyklema   Immunoglobulins at Interfaces: Structure and Biological Activity

20/02/2006 Prof. Serafino Gladiali   Asymmetric Hydrogen Transfer Reduction

23/02/2006 Prof. Tim J. Donohoe   New Catalytic Reactions Designed for the Efficient Synthesis of Natural Products

24/02/2006 Prof. Tim J. Donohoe   The Reduction of Aromatic Compounds: Mechanism, Stereochemistry and Application

28/02/2006 Prof. Frank Kubel   Order and disorder in crystals

02/03/2006 Prof. Olivier Riant   Chiral Metal Hydride Complexes for Enantioselective Catalysis

06/03/2006 Dr Christian Starkenmann   La chimie des odeurs de la transpiration humaine

08/03/2006 Quatre conférenciers   Quatre exposés en chimie minérale

09/03/2006 Prof. Alain Krief   Original Syntheses of Selenols and Selenides from Tertiary Alkyl Halides and from Primary Alkylthiols

15/03/2006 Prof. Hans-Ueli Güdel   New Light Emitting Inorganic Materials Excited by Photon Upconversion

16/03/2006 Prof. Christof M. Niemeyer   Semisynthetic DNA-Protein Conjugates: Applications in Biomedical Diagnostics and Nanosciences

21/03/2006 Reto STOCKLIN   Venom Proteomics

22/03/2006 Dr Olivier SCHAAD   Robust detection of periodic time series measured from transcriptome analysis

Prof. Stefan Matile; Prof. Claude Piguet   Tête-à-Têtes de Sciences Moléculaires

23/03/2006 Dr Kangying Li   Copper catalyzed tandem asymmetric conjugate addition-trapping reaction in the presence of chiral phosphorimidite ligands

24/03/2006 Mme Roxanne NODE-LANGLOIS   Molecular models of cognition and insights into a possible role for the X-linked mental retardation genes alpha-pix and pak 3

27/03/2006 Prof. Stephen Faulkner   Going into the red: near IR emission from lanthanide complexes in solution and the solid state

28/03/2006 Prof. Nilmoni Sarkar   Dynamics of Solvent Relaxation and Photoinduced Electron Transfer in Nanocavities

29/03/2006 Dr. Zeina Chamoun   A search for genes regulated by late endosomal lipid accumulation

30/03/2006 Dr Mihai Barboiu   Supracombimat: a new Methodology Toward Functional Materials

31/03/2006 Prof. Stephen Faulkner   Getting to know the dark side: energy transfer processes in emissive metal complexes

03/04/2006 Dr François Lazeyras   Fonctions cérébrales évaluées par imagerie et spectroscopie RMN

04/04/2006 Prof. Peter R. Taylor   Vibrational Effects on Molecular Properties

05/04/2006 Dr. Scott Altmann   La reserche physico-chimique à l'appui de l'évaluation de sûreté d'un concept de stockage de déchets radioactifs en géologie profond: exemples et perspectives

06/04/2006 Prof. Philip Page   New Organocatalytic Systems for Asymmetric Epoxidation

10/04/2006 Prof. Jürgen-H. Fuhrhop   Hydrophobic and Hydrophilic Yoctowells as Receptors

11/04/2006 Prof. Bjorn O. Roos   On the Nature of the Metal-metal Multiple Bond

12/04/2006 Natacha Bodenhausen   Signaling pathways controlling induced resistance to insect herbivores in Arabidopsis

M. Marcin A. Dulak   Numerical Implementation and Applications of the Subsystem Formulation of Density Functional Theory

Prof. Ludwig Gauckler   Miniaturization of Solid State Ionic Devices

13/04/2006 Dr Xavier Urbaneja   Palladium-Catalysed Intramolecular Alkenylation of Enolates and Related Nucleophiles. Synthetic Approaches to Strychnopivotine and Calyciphylline A

19/04/2006 Dr Thomas Falguières   Dynamics of Multivesicular Endosomal Membranes: A Role for Alix, LBPA and ESCRT complexes

24/04/2006 Prof. Joseph Gal   Stereochemical Terminology: History, Use and Misuse

Dr. Klaas A. Zachariasse   Ultrafast Intramolecular Charge Transfer and Internal Conversion in the Excited State

25/04/2006 Dr. Klaas A. Zachariasse   Photoinduced Intramolecular Charge Transfer. Kinetics and Structure

26/04/2006 Dr Raül Conde   A search for hyperglycosylation signals in yeast

Prof. Koen Binnemans   Liquid-Crystalline Lanthanide Complexes

27/04/2006 Prof. Jean-Pierre Déprés   Total synthesis of natural terpenoids containing the bicyclo[5.3.0]decane skeleton

02/05/2006 Prof. John M. Dyke   Photoionisation of Reactive Intermediates

03/05/2006 Dr. Jean-François Berret   Electrostatic Complexation as a Route to Functionnalized Nanoparticles

04/05/2006 Dr Joëlle Prunet   Metathesis and 1,3-Diols: Application to the Synthesis of Natural Products

05/05/2006 Dr Ivan Huc   Folding, dynamics and assembly of helical biomimetic architectures

08/05/2006 Prof. Barry Carpenter   Nonstatistical Dynamics of Reactive Intermediates : Introduction to the Problem

09/05/2006 M. Ramón PERICET CAMARA   Interaction forces between surfaces coated with highly branched polyelectrolytes

Prof. Barry Carpenter   Nonstatistical Dynamics of Reactive Intermediates : A New Type of Non-RRKM Behaviour

10/05/2006 Dr. Vincent Ball   Dynamic Aspects in the Build-up Process of Polyelectrolyte Multilayers and Precipitation Reactions Performed inside Immobilized Lipidic Capsul

11/05/2006 Dr John M. Brown   Mechanism-based Adventures in Homogeneous Palladium Catalysis

12/05/2006 Prof. Paul Kruger   New Routes to Polynuclear Transition Metal Complexes: The Quest for Single Molecule Magnets

15/05/2006 Prof. Thomas Basche   Coherent coupling vs localization : Electronic excitation energy transfer in molecular aggregates

17/05/2006 Dr. Olivier Spalla   Spray Drying of Complex Colloidal Mixtures : A New Way to Organize Matter

18/05/2006 Prof. Marc Lemaire   Modification of BINAP, the How and the Why

22/05/2006 Prof. M. Collart, Dr M.-A. Bagnoud après l'Uni? Conférence-débat et remise des Prix ScG (Y. Bernard, F. Schappler), Ciba (D. Emery) et Syngenta (A. Huber)

24/05/2006 Régis Dieckmann   Myosin IK and friends : their role in phagocytosis

Prof. Geoffrey A. Lawrance   Shape and Consequence, Exemplified with Complexes of Cyclic Polyamine and Amidopyridine Ligands

26/05/2006 Drs H. Eisen, S. Heinemann, M. Buscaglia, P. Nef, J.-M. Matter, V. Ossipow   Conférence en l'honneur du Professeur Marc Ballivet

29/05/2006 Prof. Felix Tuczek   Catalytic Conversion of N2 to Ammonia in Analogy to Nature : Spectroscopic and Theoretical Investigations of Model Systems and Implications for the Enzymatic Reaction

30/05/2006 Prof. Felix Tuczek   Homo- and Heteronuclear Mixed-Valent Bimetallocenes as Models of Electron Transfer Centers : Mössbauer, NMR and Optical Studies

01/06/2006 Prof. Robert H. Crabtree   N-Heterocyclic Carbene Complexes: Synthesis, Properties and Applications in Catalysis

Samuel Constant   Coordinating Hexacoordinated Phosphorus Anions for Stereoselective Applications

07/06/2006 Prof. Jolanta Bukowska   Structure of Thiolate-Based Monolayers Designed for Protein Binding – Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering Studies

12/06/2006 Prof. Christian Bochet   Photons et neutrons: les oubliés de la chimie organique

13/06/2006 Prof. Elmars Krausz   The Engine-room of Life : Photophysics and Spectroscopy of Photosystem II

14/06/2006 Dr. Marinella Mazzanti   La chimie de coordination des lanthanides : enjeu pour le diagnostic bio-médical

15/06/2006 Dr Klemens Rottner   Actin assembly processes in host-pathogen interaction and signal transduction

Dr Robert Kostecki   In situ Microprobe Studies of Local Detrimental Processes in Lithium Ion Battery Composite Cathodes

Prof. Maurizio Prato   Applications and Challenges in the Organic Functionalization of Carbon

19/06/2006 Dr Michito Yoshizawa   Self-Assembled Coordination Cages as a Molecular Flask for Chemical Transformation

20/06/2006 Dr. Yves Ellinger   L'astrochimie quantique : une discipline à la frontière de la chimie et de l'astrophysique

21/06/2006 Dr Alexandre Furstenberg   Why Cyanine Dyes

Dr. Ali Zarbakhsh   Structural Studies of Amphiphiles Adsorbed at Liquid-Liquid Interfaces Using Neutron Reflectometery

22/06/2006 Prof. Anthony P. Davis   Sticky Claws and Cages: Biomimetic Receptors for Anions and Carbohydrates

26/06/2006 Prof. Carlos F. Barbas   Enzymes, Antibodies, and Organocatalysis: Rediscovery of the Rich Life of Amines

27/06/2006 2ème Symposium Département de Chimie Minérale, Analytique et Appliquée

28/06/2006 Dr. Werner Fuss   Ultrafast charge transfer in aminobenzonitriles, investigated by transient ionization

29/06/2006 Dr. Annick Goursot   Modeling Porous Catalytic Materials : from Zeolites to Hybrid Materials

M. Anatolio Pigliucci   Ultrafast Spectroscopic Investigations in Liquids : from Vibrational Relaxation to Intramolecular Charge Transfer

Prof. Peter Hofmann   Hydroformylation: from Theory, Mechanism and HT-Screening to Novel Lead Structures for Highly Efficient Catalysts

30/06/2006 Prof. Kazuhiko Nakatani   Molecular Ligands Binding to Mismatch DNA, Telomere, and Trinucleotide Repeats

04/07/2006 Dr. Narcis Avarvari   Rigid TTF Based Dimers and Chiral TTF Oxazolines Derivatives

05/07/2006 M. Sélim Kairouani   Transferts d'énergie résonant et assisté par phonons dans le composé [Rh(bpy)3][Nacr(ox)3]ClO4 étudiés par spectroscopie laser de haute résolution

Prof. Hans Riesen   Probing the dynamics of crystal lattices by spectral hole-burning

06/07/2006 Réunion annuelle du Département

12/07/2006 Epameinondas B. Leontidis   Specific ion effects in physicochemical and biological systems

13/07/2006 Ségolène Gille   Nouvelles amines chirales pour la catalyse asymétrique

18/07/2006 Dr. Erik Nibbering   Elementary Chemical Reactions Studied with Ultrafast Vibrational Spectroscopy : from Kinetics to Structural Dynamics

31/07/2006 Dr. David B. Sacks   IQGAP1 is a scaffold for mitogen activated protein kinase signalling

16/08/2006 Dr. Markus Wenk   The emerging field of lipidomics

24/08/2006 Dr Michael Schrader   Secretory granule formation in the exocrine pancreas

31/08/2006 10th European Powder Diffraction Conference (EPDIC-10)

01/09/2006 Mme Renata Solarska   Properties and Applications of Mesoporous Semiconductor Oxide Films

06/09/2006 Jérôme Vachon   Non-Racemic Nitrogen-Based Cations in Asymmetric Chemistry

10/09/2006 Fundamental of Kinetics and Thermodynamics in (Metallo) Supramolecular Assemblies

11/09/2006 Computational Quantum Dynamics in Chemistry

13/09/2006 Dr Emanuela Del Gado   Formation du network et dynamique lente dans les gels colloïdaux

21/09/2006 Prof. Alan Spivey   The Total Asymmetric Synthesis of Bioactive Amaryllidaceae Alkaloids

Benoît Laleu   Atropisomerism about sp3-sp2 Bonds: Supramolecular Stereocontrol and Design of New Chiral Scaffolds

27/09/2006 Prof. Robin Perutz   Design for photo-induced electron transfer: tracking the high-speed response

28/09/2006 Janos Vörös   Nanopatterned Interfaces with Electronic Control for Biosensors and Bioelectronics

Prof. Benjamin F. Cravatt   Chemical Strategies for Functional Proteomics, Part II

29/09/2006 François Péllissier   Protéines d’adhésions synaptiques : la famille des NECLS

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