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18/08/2011 Kai Loon Chen   Aggregation and Deposition of Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes in Aquatic Systems

19/08/2011 Prof. Herschel Rabitz   Why is chemical synthesis and property optimization easier than expected?

26/08/2011 Stefan Salentinig   Structural Transformations During Lipid Digestion

29/08/2011 Hubert Gojzewski   Nanoadhesion studied by High-rate Dynamic Force Spectroscopy

31/08/2011 M. Alexander Rouvinski   Studies on the propagation and pathogenesis of prions in cultured cells.

01/09/2011 Magdalena Elżbieciak-Wodka   Effect of deposition conditions on thickness and permeability of the multilayer films formed from synthetic polyelectrolytes

12/09/2011 M. Georgios Fradelos   Frozen Density Embedding Theory Based Computer Simulations of Electronic Structure in Condensed Phase

Bruce Albert   Science and the world's future

13/09/2011 Jardin Expérimental + Section de chimie et biochimie   Chemical Landmark 2011 – Animations de chimie de rue

Divers orateurs   Chemical Landmark 2011 – Jean-Charles Galissard de Marignac

15/09/2011 Prof. Per-Ola Norrby   Mechanistic Investigations in Homogeneous Catalysis

Rupali Shivapurkar   High Resolution in 2D NMR Using Spectral Aliasing. Application to the Determination of pKa's by Automated NMR Titration and the Study of 13C-Enriched Cholesterol

16/09/2011 Franck Torricelli   Synthesis and Properties of Cationic Functionalized [6]Helicenes

20/09/2011 M. Navin Gopaldass   Role of Actin, Myosin IB and dynamin A in the Phagocytic pathway of Dictyostelium discoideum

Prof. Peter Walter   Unfolded protein response in health and disease

21/09/2011 Mrs Nina Jaensch

22/09/2011 Prof. J.E. Backvall   A Biomimetic Approach to Green Organic Transformations

J.B. Langlois   From Enantioconvergent to Stereodivergent Processes in CopperCatalyzed Asymmetric Allylic Alkylation

26/09/2011 Prof. Pavel Jungwirth   Biophysics of Phospholipid Membranes in Aqueous Solutions

28/09/2011 Dr Saleem Mohammed   Membrane deformation by clathrin coats in vitro

29/09/2011 Prof. Pher Anderson   Expanding the Scope of Asymmetric Hydrogenations

Luca Mantilli   Iridium-Catalyzed Asymmetric Isomerization of Primary Allylic Alcohols

30/09/2011 Prof. Kaz Tatsumi   Coordinatively Unsaturated Half-Sandwich Complexes for the Activation of Small Molecules

05/10/2011 Dr Sébastien Kicka   Amoeba as a tool for 'in vivo' screening of anti mycobacterial compounds

Prof. Bernadette Bensaude-Vincent   Lavoisier

06/10/2011 Dr Thomas Wollert   Coatless: Membrane budding and scission by the ESCRT-complex

Prof. Sijbren Otto   Systems Chemistry: From Recognition to Self-Replication in Dynamic Molecular Networks

Marco Lista   Self-Organizing Surface-Initiated Polymerization: Tunable Multichannel Photosystems

12/10/2011 Dr Gérard Gandillon   La parfumerie à Genève, du 19e siècle à aujourd'hui

13/10/2011 Prof. Dr Karl-Heinz Ernst   Molecular Chirality at Surfaces: 2D Crystallization and Single Molecule Dynamics

17/10/2011 Prof. Benjamin Geiger   The molecular basis for the mechanical activation of integrin adhesions

18/10/2011 Mrs Olivia Muriel   Actin-mediated regulation of Cav1-containing membranes dynamics

19/10/2011 Maria Romanova   Mechanisms of Growth Control in Overgrown Drosophila Wing Imaginal Discs

Prof. Claude Piguet   La découverte des terres rares et l'académie de chimie de Genève : Une histoire de sciences et de sueur

20/10/2011 Prof. Marta Miaczynska   APPL&Co - the role of endocytic proteins in signaling

21/10/2011 Dr Chris Richards   Chiral Metallocenes and Metallacycles

Audrey Mercier   Highly Efficient Desymmetrization of Prochiral Complexes: an Entry to Planar Chiral Scaffolds

24/10/2011 Dr Eric Francotte   Enantioselective Chromatography as a Key Technology to Accelerate Chiral Drug Discovery and Development

26/10/2011 Dr Miwa Umebayashi   Visualization of the membrane environment surrounding the insulin receptor

03/11/2011 Prof. John Robinson   Protein Epitope Mimetics in Drug and Vaccine Discovery

04/11/2011 Paul Peters   Migration from SciFinder Scholar to SciFinder Web

Prof. Suliana Manley   Quantitative super-resolution imaging of viral assembly

Paul Peters, Dr Francine Dreier   SciFinder Web Training Session

Dr Carsten Janke   Regulation of microtubule functions by posttranslational modifications

07/11/2011 Dr Etienne Morel   The Pi3P/MVB/ESCRT pathway in Alzheimer's disease: endosomal sorting and amyloidogenic processing of APP

08/11/2011 Prof. Patrick Cramer   Gene transcription : molecular movies and regulatory systems

Prof. David J. Tozer   Modeling Excited States : Challenges and Solutions

10/11/2011 M. Antonio Galindo   An ordered pathway for the assembly of ESCRT-containing fungal ambient pH signalling complex at the plasma membrane. Organelle specific activation of Arf-GTPases

Prof. Frank Juelicher   Active Processes in the Cell Cytoskeleton

11/11/2011 Prof. Robert J Pugh   Interactions of Soft Interfaces

14/11/2011 Prof. Aurélien Roux   Physico-chemistry of dynamin, a protein that breaks lipid membranes

16/11/2011 Ms Tania Rodriguez   HES5.3 regulates interkinetic nuclear migration and neurogenesis

17/11/2011 Prof. Oliver Trapp   Integration of Organic Synthesis and Chromatography: High-Throughput Reaction Kinetics of Catalysts

18/11/2011 Yana Aleeva   Synthesis and Characterization of High Surface Area ZnO Nanostructures for Sensing Applications

21/11/2011 Prof. Peter Lay   Complementary Biospectroscopic Microscopies in Medicine

Prof. Tom Rovis   Asymmetric Catalysis Involving Metalacycles

23/11/2011 Prof. Raffaele Mezzenga   Amyloid Protein Fibrils: from Nanoscale to Microscale

24/11/2011 Prof. Jean-Dominique Vassalli - Monsieur Charles Beer   Inauguration du Chimiscope - UniGE

Prof. François Diederich   La chimie au centre de la recherche et de l'innovation – Conférence donnée dans le cadre de l'inauguration du Chimiscope

25/11/2011 Prof. Tom Rovis   Catalyzing Asymmetric Umpolung Aldehyde Reactions

Sirinporn Thamapipol   One Point Binding Chiral Ruthenium Lewis Acid Catalysts: Asymmetric Intramolecular Diels-Alder Reactions and Conformational Studies

29/11/2011 Yogesh M. Harshe   Hydrodynamic properties and breakup dynamics of colloidal aggregates

30/11/2011 Dr Sylvain Loubéry   Regulation of asymmetric endosomes dynamics during asymmetric cell division in Drosophila

Prof. Ludovic Jullien   Chemical Approaches for Control and Analysis of Biological Progresses

01/12/2011 Dr Dario Bassani   Supramolecular Control of Excited-State Interactions for Material Applications

02/12/2011 Lilit Aboshyan Sorgho   Conversions de lumière dans des complexes moléculaires contenant du chrome et des lanthanides

05/12/2011 Prof. Alanna Schepartz   Illuminating Membrane Protein Function with Small Molecules

Quatre orateurs   Quatre fenêtres sur la science moderne des parfums et arômes

07/12/2011 Valentin Trofimov   Screening for antitubercular compounds using amoebae and Mycobacteriummarinumas host-pathogen model systems

08/12/2011 Dr Arun Kumar   Systematic quantification of yeast phenome upon genetic perturbation: Discovering novel molecular interactions

12/12/2011 Prof. Daniel M. Neumark   Ultrafast x-ray science in the femtosecond and attosecond regime

13/12/2011 Prof. Jacques Prost   Physical theory for biology

15/12/2011 Prof. Christophe Copéret   Controlled Functionalisation of Surfaces to Access Single-Site Catalysts and to Control the Interface of Supported Nano-Particles

20/12/2011 Dr Sujoy Ganguly   Cytoplasmic Streaming in Drosophila melanogaster

Prof. Chris Moody   Chemistry and Biochemistry of Quinones

Ankit Sharma   Asymmetric Synthesis of Configurationally Stable Tröger Bases

Dr. Steve Comby   Luminescent Lanthanide-based sensors for the detection of biologically relevant molecules and cations

21/12/2011 Xuezhi Zhang   Exploring the Roles of NADPH Oxidases (NOXs) in an Amoeba Model

11/01/2012 Sandrine Morlot   Spatial and temporal control of dynamin fission reaction by membrane elastic parameters

16/01/2012 Dr André Schröder   Bio-membrane adhesion on end-grafted DNA carpets

19/01/2012 4 distinguished lecturers and a selection of PhD students   Geneva chemistry and biochemistry days 2012

24/01/2012 Dr Alexander Adibekian   Developing selective inhibitors and activity-based probes to functionally annotate uncharacterized serine hydrolases

25/01/2012 Dr Sonia Arafah   Monitoring the impact of autophagy on host-pathogen interactions in the Dictyostelium - M. marinum model

26/01/2012 Gregor Trefalt   Use of Colloidal Chemistry for Enhancement of Ceramics Properties

30/01/2012 Prof. Andrea Danani   --- CANCELLED --- ANNULÉ --- CANCELLED --- ANNULÉ --- CANCELLED

Prof. Eric Bakker   Ion-selective electrodes: From the first beginnings to the current state of the art

01/02/2012 Charlotte Géhin   Kinase control of lipid homeostasis in mammalian cells

08/02/2012 Chrystelle Montagne   SARA and cell fate decision in asymmetric intestinal stem cell division

Prof. Luis Liz-Marzan   Engineering plasmonic coloids for SERS detection

09/02/2012 Prof. Rint Sijbesma   Supramolecular Polymers: Self-Assembly and Mechanochemistry

10/02/2012 Prof. Thomas Heine   Combinatorial Computational Design of Functional Materials

13/02/2012 Dr. Nico Bruns   Proteins and Enzymes in Polymeric Systems: From Damage Self-Reporting Materials to the Synthesis of Polymers with ATRPases

15/02/2012 Dr Stephane Bellemin-Laponnaz   The Various Applications of N-Heterocyclic Carbenes: from Catalysis to Medicinal Chemistry

16/02/2012 6 lecturers and 1 laureate of the Werner Prize   SCS Spring Meeting and Werner Prize 2012

17/02/2012 Dr Manuel Muñiz   "The p24 complex as key player of vesicular trafficking

Mme Sharon Epstein   Les différentes fonctions physiologiques des ceramides chez la levure Saccharomyces cerevisiae

20/02/2012 Prof. Tohru Fukuyama   Toward Practical Total Synthesis of Natural Products

22/02/2012 Nicolas Chiaruttini   Biophysical approaches to Escrt-III mediated membrane fission

23/02/2012 Amin Sadeghpour Dilmaghani   Effects of Polyelectrolytes and their Oligomers on Charging and Interactions of Colloidal Particles

27/02/2012 Prof. Jean-David Rochaix   Crosstalk between chloroplast and nucleus: Biogenesis and dynamics of the photosynthetic machinery

28/02/2012 Prof. Tony Parker   The Ultrafast Physics and Chemistry of Biological Systems

01/03/2012 Dr. Andrea Danani   Numerical simulations as virtual microscope at the nanoscale: Some examples with dendritic molecules

02/03/2012 Sabine Kressmann Abke   The Role of SARA1 Endosomes during Neural Precursor Fate Assignation

Prof. Qui-Lin Zhou   Catalytic Asymmetric Carbene Insertions into Heteroatom - Hydrogen Bonds

06/03/2012 Dr. Fabio Pietrucci   Exploring the thermodynamics and kinetics of complex systems with computer experiments : chemical reactions, nanostructures and biomolecules

08/03/2012 Prof. Tamejiro Hiyama   --- CANCELLED --- ANNULÉ --- CANCELLED --- ANNULÉ --- CANCELLED

14/03/2012 Dr Kyohei Umebayashi   Lipid networks proposed by a novel yeast genetic analysis

15/03/2012 Prof. Frank Würthner   Functional Nanosystems Based on Dye Aggregates

20/03/2012 Prof. V. Renugopalakrishnan   Nano, Life and Materials Science and Engineering Lead to Terabyte Level Thin Film for Mobile Memory Devices

21/03/2012 Dr Dimitri Moreau, PhD   Perturbing Cholesterol/LBPA homeostasis with small compounds to decipher their intracellular regulation

M. Heiko Runz, M.D.   To be announced

22/03/2012 Drs Olivier Comond et Filomeno Corvasce   Polymer Rubber and Plastic for the Jewelry and Biomedical Industries

Mme Oksana Kel   Ultrafast excited-state dynamics of new chromophoric systems developed for specific applications

Dr Martin Smith   Ion Binding and Asymmetric Catalysis

26/03/2012 Dr. Helge Ewers   Seeing the forest, tree by tree - single molecule localization microscopy

27/03/2012 Soumaila ZEBRET   Complexes polynucléaires bi- et tridimensionnels de lanthanides. Conception, synthèse et caractérisation.

Dr. Azzedine Bousseksou   Spin Crossover Molecular Materials : from Molecule to Nanoelectronic and Nanophotonic Applications

Nathalie Balcar, Anne Rinuy, Isabelle Santoro   Art et chimie analytique

29/03/2012 Prof. Louis Fensterbank   New Radical and Organometallic Methodologies for Organic Synthesis

02/04/2012 Prof. Thomas Bürgi   Bestowing Chirality to Well-Defined Gold Clusters

03/04/2012 Prof. Martin Aeschlimann   Ultrafast Nanooptics

04/04/2012 Shem Johnson   Intra-Endosomal Dynamics: A Closer Look

05/04/2012 Prof. A.L. Sobolewski   Photophysics of hydrogen bonded molecular systems : from theory to applications

11/04/2012 Prof. G.A. Molander   Synthesis and Reactions of Novel Organoborons

12/04/2012 Daphné Dambournet   Dissecting the Role of Lipids during Cells Processes

17/04/2012 Dr. Enrico Tapavicza   Non-adiabatic decay investigated by time-dependent density functional theory

19/04/2012 Dr Giovanna Barbarella   Thiophene-Based Multifunctional Nanostructured Fibrils and Bio-Fibrils

24/04/2012 Prof. Přemysl Lubal   Macrocycle Chemistry (part I)

25/04/2012 Dr Rosa M. Espinosa-Marzal   Surface Forces in Confined Electrolyte Solution up to Saturation

Prof. Přemysl Lubal   Macrocycle Chemistry (part II)

26/04/2012 Dr Renate Reiter   Langmuir Films of Poly-Gamma-Benzyl-L-Glutamates - a System Capable of Liquid Crystal-, Fibril- and Gel-Formation

Illya Fedotenko   Synthesis and Characterization on Artificial Amide-Bearing Phospholipids

27/04/2012 Prof. Masato Kitamura   Asymmetric Dehydrative Tsuji-Trost Reaction

Prof. Shu Kobayashi   New Dimension of Acid and Base Catalysis

03/05/2012 Prof. Antonio Frontera   On the Importance of Understanding the Physical Nature of Cation and Anion-pi Interactions

07/05/2012 Prof. Corey Stephenson   Photoredox Catalysis: Enabling Chemical Synthesis with Visible Light

09/05/2012 Malgorzata Litwin and Wojciech Plonka   Molecular modeling & molecular dynamic modules implemented in SCIGRESS

10/05/2012 Dr Jose Lassaletta   Hydrazones in Homogeneous Catalysis: New Roles as Reagents, Ligands and Directing Groups

11/05/2012 Prof. Kieron Burke   Partition DFT - a new approach to embedding

Patrick E. Ryan   Etude de podants pour la complexation des lanthanides : approche thermodynamique et structurale

14/05/2012 Dr Natalie Banerji + Dr Sébastien March   Remise des Prix aux lauréat-e-s de la Section

15/05/2012 Prof. Ruben Abagyan   Computational Biology and Molecular Interactions

Prof. Marguerite Rinaudo   Liposomes Stabilized by Polyelectrolytes: Mechanism of Interaction Involved

18/05/2012 Prof. Yitzhak Tor   From Antibiotics to Cellular Delivery Vehicles

21/05/2012 Dr Didier Roux   L'habitat du futur: Défis et innovations

22/05/2012 Prof. István Pálinkó   Layered Double Hydroxides and their Intercalation Chemistry

Daniel Emery   Etudes computationnelles de complexes non-covalents et de leurs applications dans des architectures supramoléculaires ainsi qu'en organocatalyse

24/05/2012 Prof. Martin Lochner   --- CANCELLED --- ANNULÉ --- CANCELLED --- ANNULÉ --- CANCELLED

29/05/2012 Mme Elham RAESI   Analysis of New Potential Markers for the Immediate Evaluation of Electrochemotherapy Using Small Animal Imaging

Prof. Mieczyslaw Makosza   Nucleophilic Substitution of Hydrogen in Electron-Deficient Arene. Missing Part of the Aromatic Substitution Puzzle

30/05/2012 Dr Irinka Castanon   Anthrax Toxin Receptor 2a controls mitotic spindle positioning

31/05/2012 Dr Jonathan Nitschke   Designing Complex Self-Assembled Structures and Functions from Simple Building Blocks

01/06/2012 Prof. Jean Fréchet, Prof. Emanuela Del Gado, Prof. Carlos Marques   Swiss Soft Days 8

04/06/2012 Prof. Joe Gal   The Triumph and Tragedy of a Chemical Invention - Fritz Haber and the Morality of Science

06/06/2012 Dr David Carriere   Osmotic Buckling of Stiff Vesicles

07/06/2012 Dr Philippe Dauban   Modern Amination Methods: Think Nitrene !

11/06/2012 Prof. Julius Rebek Jr.   Molecular Behavior in Small Spaces

12/06/2012 Prof. Thomas Heine   Combinatorial Design of Functional Framework Materials : Metal-Organic Frameworks and Beyond

13/06/2012 Dr Ursula Loizides   Two tales from the field of lipidomics

15/06/2012 Badr EL AROUSSI   Complexes supramoléculaires de lanthanides : auto-assemblage des cations Ln(III) avec des tripodes, symétriques et dissymétriques, dérivés de la même unité podante

18/06/2012 Prof. Zhenfeng Xi   Reaction Chemistry of Organodilithio Reagents

20/06/2012 Dr Caroline Barisch   Characterization of the Mycobacterium-containing vacuole in Dictyostelium discoideum.

21/06/2012 Mme Natascha Sattler   Role of the Scavenger Receptor Class B Members LmpA, LmpB and LmpC during Phagocytosis and Phagosome Maturation

22/06/2012 Christopher L. Wirth   Electrolyte Dependent 2D Assembly of Colloidal Particles on an Ideally Polarizable Electrode

25/06/2012 Prof. Yixia Jia   Nickel-catalyzed Nucleophilic Addition of Aryl/Vinyl Halides/Pseudohalides to C=O Bonds

26/06/2012 Prof. Eric Potma   Chemical Imaging of Molecular and Biological Systems

07/07/2012 La Section de chimie et biochimie, le NCCR Chemical Biology et le Chimiscope à la Nuit de la Science 2012

09/07/2012 Dr. Marta Bally   “ Lipidic assemblies: from diagnostic assays to cell-membrane mimics

10/07/2012 Prof. Sandeep Verma   Morphological Consequences of Peptide Sequences: Ultrastructure and Stimuli Response

11/07/2012 Prof. Glenn Sammis   Fluorine Atom Transfer to Alkyl Radicals

12/07/2012 Dr Gregory Emery   New developments on endocytic trafficking during morphogenesis in Drosophila

16/07/2012 Mariya Porus   Surface sensitive techniques for studying ultrathin layers adsorbed on solid substrates

17/07/2012 Anthony Désert   Polystyrene/Silica Clusters of Controlled Morphology

31/07/2012 Dr. Anastasiya Trushko   Tensile forces enhance XMAP215 polymerization activity

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