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Academic year 2014 - 2015

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02/09/2014 Jérôme Gouin   Synthesis and Properties of Dimethoxychromenoacridinium Ions

Dr. Chapin Rodriguez   I'm a scientist - who needs me?

04/09/2014 Prof. Stephan Sieber   Natural Products and their Cellular Targets

08/09/2014 Prof. Dan V. Goia   --- CANCELLED --- ANNULÉ --- CANCELLED --- ANNULÉ --- CANCELLED

16/09/2014 Ben Cravatt - CANCELLED   --- CANCELLED --- ANNULÉ --- CANCELLED --- ANNULÉ --- CANCELLED

18/09/2014 Prof. Sukbok Chang    Development of Direct C-H Amination Reactions Based on Mechanistic Aspects

24/09/2014 Auxiliadora Aguilera Romero   Looking for new players in Sphingolipid metabolism

25/09/2014 Prof. Thomas Schrader   Supramolecular Chemistry on Proteins

30/09/2014 Prof. Kazushi Kinbara    Development of Functional Molecules Bearing Monodisperse Oligo(ethylene glycol)s for Biological and Bio-inspired Applications

Prof. Alfredo Vargas   Recent developments in boron chemistry

02/10/2014 Prof. Eduardo Moreno   Cell fitness: From basic biology to biomedical research

Dr Géraldine Masson   Enamide derivatives: Versatile Building Blocks for Highly Functionalized α,β-Substituted Amines

06/10/2014 Prof. G. Papastavrou   Probing Interaction Forces in Colloidal and Soft Matter Systems

Prof. Andreas Mueller   La didactique des sciences et de la chimie en particulier : apports pour la culture générale et approches scientifiques

07/10/2014 Dr. Antoine Tissot   Photo-induced phenomena in coordination compound based nanoparticles

08/10/2014 Laurent Brodier   Cell differentiation and mitochondria dynamic distribution in the developing retina

Prof. Richmond Sarpong    Strategies and Tactics for Chemical Synthesis Inspired by Complex Alkaloids

09/10/2014 Prof. Edward W. Tate   Understanding and Drugging Protein Lipidation, from Malaria to Cancer

15/10/2014 Several distinguished speakers   Adult Stem Cells and Pluripotent Stem Cells

Caroline Barisch   Lipid Droplet Dynamics at Early Stages of Mycobacterium marinum Infection in Dictyostelium

16/10/2014 Prof. Dr. Nuno Maulide   Catalytic Rearrangements - Inspirations for Total Synthesis and the Discovery of New Reactivity

22/10/2014 Jorge Larios   Membrane dynamics in the endocytic pathway: role of Alix

23/10/2014 Prof. Dan Rauh    Chemical Oncology - Covering Chemical Biology, Cancer Genetics and Medical Chemistry

28/10/2014 Prof. Karin Föttinger   In situ studies on synergetic interactions between Pd and reducible metal oxides : mechanistic insights and dynamics of a working catalyst

29/10/2014 Ioannis Xenarios   Bioinformatics and Computational Biology from plants to humans

30/10/2014 Milad Radiom   Correlation Force Spectroscopy for Single Molecule Measurements

Prof. Nicolas Giuseppone   Toward Self-Constructing Materials: A Systems Chemistry Approach

Pierre Charbonnaz   Surface Architectures Built Around Perylenediimide Stacks

03/11/2014 Prof. Hans Hagemann   L'hydrogène comme vecteur d'énergie renouvelable: à la recherche de nouveaux matériaux pour son stockage

04/11/2014 Prof. Jörn Piel   Mining microbial dark matter for drug development

05/11/2014 Miwa Umebayashi   Imaging of the local membrane environment surrounding the insulin receptor- beyond the raft hypothesis

06/11/2014 Prof. Valentin Wittman   Chemical Biology of Cellular Carbohydrates

12/11/2014 Cristina Bosmani   Understanding the role of vacuolins/flotillins in Dictyostelium discoideum

13/11/2014 Several speakers

Dr. Michelangelo Scalone    The Importance of Catalysis in the Synthesis of Acitve Pharmaceutical Ingredients

14/11/2014 Olivier Pertz   Imaging spatio-temporal signaling programs regulating cell morphogenesis

18/11/2014 Dr. Alexandre Fürstenberg   Single-Molecule Biophysics

19/11/2014 Dimitri Moreau   High content screen identifies HRH3 as a modulator of LBPA content in late endosomal compartments

20/11/2014 Dr. Emmanuel Magnier   New Tools for Electrophilic and Nucleophilic Perfluoroalkylation Processes

25/11/2014 Prof. Jumpei Ueda   New Bright Persistent Ceramic Phosphors of Ce3+-Cr3+ Codoped Garnet by Blue Light Excitation

26/11/2014 Emmanuel Derivery   Oriented endosomal dynamics and motility by spindle asymmetry during asymmetric division

27/11/2014 Prof. Rudolf Podgornik   Electrostatics Stabilization and Charge Regulation in Viruses


01/12/2014 Dr Clemens Lamberth   Current trends and challenges in the discovery of agrochemicals

03/12/2014 Caroline Barisch   Lipid Droplet Dynamics at Early Stages of Mycobacterium marinum Infection in Dictyostelium

Prof. Sanshiro Komiya    Synthesis, Reaction and Catalysis of Heterodinuclear Organotrasition Metal Complexes

04/12/2014 Johannes Lützenkirchen   Charge Properties of Alumina-Polymorphs: Particles Versus Single Crystals

Prof. Helma Wennemers   Bioinspired Chemistry with Proline-rich Peptides

10/12/2014 Shem Johnson   Following Intraluminal Vesicles and Their Cargo

11/12/2014 Marta Krasowska   Wetting with Imidazolium-based Ionic Liquids

Prof. Clemence Corminboeuf   A Walk Through Computational Chemistry Challenges in the Land of Organic Molecules

16/12/2014 Anna Kicheva   Coordination of progenitor specification and growth in the spinal cord

Banafshe Larijani   Effects of Phosphoinositides and their derivatives on membrane morphology and function

17/12/2014 Kévin Alessandri   Cellular capsules, a versatile route towards 3D cell culture

18/12/2014 Prof. Syuzanna Harutyunyan   Catalytic Enantioselective Synthesis of Tertiary Alcohols and Tetrahydroisoquinoline Derivatives: Methodology and Mechanistic Aspects

07/01/2015 Sarah Machado   Cell shape and size adaptation during mitosis

12/01/2015 Dr. Jakub Kaminski   A Computational Method for Materials Design of New Interfaces

14/01/2015 Nicolas Chiaruttini   Polymerization-loaded ESCRT-III spiral springs drive membrane deformation

15/01/2015 Dr Ludger Johannes, Prof. Eric Kool, Prof. David Leigh, Prof. Gustavo Scuseria and 17 junior speakers   Geneva Chemistry and Biochemistry Days

Thomas Gibaud   Hierarchical self-assembly of colloidal membranes

19/01/2015 Prof. Dr Alessio Zaccone   --- CANCELLED --- ANNULÉ --- CANCELLED --- ANNULÉ --- CANCELLED

Dr Luc Patiny   New challenges in the management of chemical information

20/01/2015 Prof. Cornelia Palivan   3D Protein-Polymer Assemblies for Medical Applications

21/01/2015 Cansel Ustunel   Role and Regulation of SNX3 in Intraluminal Vesicle formation

22/01/2015 Martial Balland   Cell mechanical compass behavior

M. Marius Koch   Bimolecular Photoinduced Electron Transfer in Liquid Solution - From Diffusion-Controlled to Ultrafast Processes

Dr Jeanne Crassous   Coordination and Organometallic Chemistry of Helicene Derivatives

26/01/2015 Dr S. Baudron, Dr J.-F. Lemonnier, Dr S. Ochsenbein, Dr S. Petoud, Dr E. Terazzi   Concours MER – Chimie minérale

28/01/2015 Laurent Holtzer   The role of Bmps during zebrafish pectoral fin outgrowth

29/01/2015 Professeur Winfried Römer   A lipid zipper triggers bacterial invasion

30/01/2015 Damien Simond   Auto-assemblage de complexes polynucléaires - structures discrètes ou polymères?

03/02/2015 Prof. Hermen Overkleeft   Inhibitors and activity-based probes of glycoprocessing enzymes in the context of lysosomal storage disorders

04/02/2015 Kyohei Umebayashi   Sterol sensing goes hand in hand with phosphoinositides

10/02/2015 Manish Sharma; Giuseppe Licari; Daniel Sethio; Bei Zhang; Bogdan Dereka; Martin Magg; Maria Teresa Delgado Perez   Voir programme pdf

13/02/2015 Axelle Cotte   From 2D to 1D Homodecoupled High-Resolution Proton NMR

16/02/2015 Christian Grim   Circling mice and blind men: molecular and functional aspects of endolysosomal cation channels

17/02/2015 Prof. Nikolaus Ernsting   Observing the Hydration Layer of Biomolecules with a Linked Molecular THz Probe

19/02/2015 Prof. Dr. Hans-Dieter Arndt    Natural or Non-Natural? Synthesis and Investigations of Probes for Chemical Biology

23/02/2015 Prof. Alexander Adibekian   Novel strategies for identifying targets of cysteine-reactive inhibitors by mass spectrometry

25/02/2015 Elena Kardash   The shape establishment during early stages of pectoral fin growth

26/02/2015 Prof. Franziska Schoenebeck    Bottom-up: Organometallic Chemistry: Fundamental Studies, Design and Applications

03/03/2015 Maria Giovanna de Leo   Dissecting the molecular mechanisms underlying endo-lysosomal dysfunctions induced by loss of function of OCRL to identify correctors for Lowe syndrome

Dr Maja Köhn   New integrative approaches to study and target phosphatases

04/03/2015 Guillaume Molinard   ESCRT-III and membrane stress, a great disturbance in the force

05/03/2015 Dr Raphael Franzini   Screening of DNA-Encoded Chemical Libraries : An Emerging Technology for the Discovery of Small-Molecule Drug Hits

Dr Nathalie Katsonis   --- CANCELLED --- ANNULÉ --- CANCELLED --- ANNULÉ --- CANCELLED

11/03/2015 Thomas Hannich   Ceramides and Anoxia: A good idea gone very bad

12/03/2015 Prof. Ian Fairlamb   Understanding the role played by Pd clusters and Pd nanoparticles in C-H and C-X bond functionalisation chemistry

13/03/2015 Alexis Gautreau   Feedforward and feedback mechanisms control cell migration

17/03/2015 Prof. Dr. Mike Hall   TOR signaling in growth and metabolism

Prof. Francesca Terenziani   Essential-state models for steady-state and transient optical properties of pi-conjugated chromophores

18/03/2015 Ana Teresa Lopez Jimenez   Insights into mycobacteria infection: single-cell imaging and host lectins

20/03/2015 Prof. Graham Cooks   Mass Spectrometry for Medical Diagnostics, Organic Synthesis and Materials Fabrication

23/03/2015 Dr Alexandre Fürstenberg   Éclairages sur le Prix Nobel de chimie 2014: Les yeux rivés sur la Vie au nanomètre près

25/03/2015 Adai Colom   Planarizable push-pull fluorescent probe: Measuring lipid membrane properties // Dynamin constriction followed in real time at molecular resolution

26/03/2015 Gilles Charvin   Cellular mithridatism : a dynamical study of adaptation to oxidative poisoning in yeast

Prof. Stuart A. Macgregor   Computational Studies of Mechanism and Selectivity in C-I and C-H Bond Activation and Functionalization

30/03/2015 Prof. Dr. Anne Spang   Regulation of intracellular transport

01/04/2015 Fabrizio Vacca   Cholesterol traffic regulation and exocytosis of endocytic organelles: Lessons from Niemann-Pick disease

02/04/2015 Dr. Stephen P. Fletcher    Mostly Cu-Catalyzed Asymmetric Additions

07/04/2015 Prof. Shana Kelley   Mitochondria-Penetrating Peptides

16/04/2015 M. Romain Letrun   Ultrafast Intra- and Intermolecular Quenching Processes in Liquid Solution

Prof. Guy Bertrand   Stable Carbenes and Related Species: Powerful Tools in Organic, Inorganic and Organometallic Chemistry

17/04/2015 Prof. Kenichiro Itami   C-H Activation Catalysis for Carbon Materials and Plant/Animal Biology

22/04/2015 Karsten Kruse   Cooperative effects between membrane-bound proteins during cell signaling

A. Trushko   Stresses and shapes of epithelium monolayers in 3D confinements

Lauréats du Prix Louis-Jeantet   Cérémonie du Prix Louis-Jeantet de médecine 2015

23/04/2015 Prof. Tristan Lambert   Advances in Catalysis via the Exploration of Novel Ionic Structures

29/04/2015 Olivia Muriel Lopez   Moesin and actin-dependent biogenesis of endosomes

30/04/2015 Prof. Dr. Markus Kaiser   Chemical Biology Studies on the Mode-of-action of Bioactive Small Molecules

04/05/2015 Prof. Michael R. Wasielewski   Photo-initiated Charge Transport in Self-assembled Organic Nanostructures

05/05/2015 Benoit SORRE   Model systems to study embryonic patterning

Dr Luke D. Lavis   Hip to be square: Building brighter fluorophores with azetidine

07/05/2015 Prof. Andreas Marx   Reading the Genome beyond Watson & Crick

11/05/2015 Prof. Andreas Zumbuehl   Vesicle Origami

12/05/2015 Prof. Christian Reber   Trends in luminescence properties of platinum(II) and gold(I) compounds

13/05/2015 Vanessa Prevot   --- CANCELLED --- ANNULÉ --- CANCELLED --- ANNULÉ --- CANCELLED

Irinka Castanon   Funcional Lipidomics during Oriented Mitosis in Zebrafish

19/05/2015 Prof. Marcus Elstner   Muli-Scale Methods for the Investigation of Biological Structures and Processes

20/05/2015 Alejandro Melero Carrillo   The Role of Lipids in COPII Vesicle Formation

22/05/2015 Prof. Kazuya Kikuchi   Design Strategy of Molecular Imaging Probes which Convert Biological Signals to Chemical Output

26/05/2015 Prof. Fabio H. Ribeiro   An overview of the kinetics for the water-gas shift reaction

27/05/2015 Valentina Galli   Dynamin mediated fission in vivo

28/05/2015 Dr. Nicolas Blanchard   Problems and Detours in the Chemical Synthesis of Mycolactone Analogs

01/06/2015 Thomas Falguières   Regulation of the intracellular traffic and the activity of the hepatobiliary transporter ABCB4/MDR3

02/06/2015 Prof. Thomas Carell   New bases in our genome

05/06/2015 Paul Bartlett   Life at ultra-low ionic strength: surprises and a few simple lessons

10/06/2015 Augustinus Galih   Unraveling The Mechanisms of Deoxy-sphingolipid-induced Cellular Toxicity

Alicia Daeden   Asymmetric Mechanics during Asymmetric Division in Sensory Organ Precursors

11/06/2015 Prof. Stefan Huber   Multidentate Halogen Bonding in Solution

15/06/2015 Dr Pierre Magistretti   Neuron-glia metabolic coupling : role in neuronal plasticity and functional brain imaging

17/06/2015 Annika Hohendahl   Role of crescent-shaped proteins in membrane fission during endocytosis

Noé Mage   Development of an aptasensor for IgE using ADOTA+ as a fluorophore

19/06/2015 Claudio Zambaldo   From Priviledged Natural Product Scaffolds to PNA-Encoded Chemical Libraries

23/06/2015 Thorsten Hugel   Molecular Mechanisms of Polymer Friction and Adhesion

Prof. Hideki Yorimitsu   Organosulfur Chemistry Revisited: From Pummerer Annulation to Catalytic C-S/C-H Coupling

24/06/2015 Joe Dan DUNN   Delineating the Functions of NADPH Oxidase and Reactive Oxygen Species in anti-Microbial Responses Using the Model Phagocyte Dictyostelium discoideum

25/06/2015 Vincent Mercier   Alix protein : role in endocytosis

29/06/2015 Gregory Emery   An interplay between 14-3-3 and the Rab11 binding protein Rip11 is necessary for the completion of cytokinesis

01/07/2015 Margot Riggi   Regulation of Plasma Membrane Tensile Homeostasis by TOR Complex 2

07/07/2015 Caroline Bourguignon   Analysis of CMR substances in toys by UHPLC-MS/MS

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