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Academic year 2016 - 2017

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10/08/2016 Dr. Paola Laurino   A journey from cofactor engineering to an ancient finger print of Rossmann Fold Enzymes

25/08/2016 Prof. Xiao-Yan Li   --- CANCELLED --- ANNULÉ --- CANCELLED --- ANNULÉ --- CANCELLED

30/08/2016 Prof. Jeremy Thorner   A Protein Kinase Network Controls Plasma Membrane Lipid Homeostasis

31/08/2016 Jorge Larios   ALIX: An ESCRT interacting protein involved in the formation of multivesicular bodies

01/09/2016 Prof. Michael Pittelkow   The Discovery of Biotin[6]uril - a Chiral Receptor for Anions and an Anion-Transporter

05/09/2016 Prof. Jeffrey N. Johnston   New Catalysts, Methods, and Strategies that Enable Therapeutic Development and On-Demand Natural Product Total Synthesis

07/09/2016 Andrea Picco   The molecular organization of the exocyst complex by live cell imaging

13/09/2016 Prof. Richard N. Zare   Microdroplet Chemistry

14/09/2016 Cristina Bosmani   Investigating the role of vacuolins/flotillins in Dictyostelium and in mycobacterial infections

21/09/2016 Suihan Feng   Localized photo-activation method to monitor sphingolipid metabolism

22/09/2016 Prof. Pierangelo Metrangolo   Halocarbons in Nanomedicine and Nanotechnology: New Opportunities and Challenges

28/09/2016 Joachim Moser von Filseck   ESCRT-III-mediated membrane fission in vitro

Prof. Madan Rao   Active Composite Cell Surface : Mechanics of Information Processing

29/09/2016 Prof. Andrey Klymchenko   Designing Smart Fluorescent Molecules and Nanoparticles for Bioimaging

Quentin Verolet   Planarizable Push-Pull Systems as Mechanosensitive Fluorescent Probes: Focus on Turn-On Sulfide Donors

30/09/2016 Prof. Thomas J. Meyer   --- CANCELLED --- ANNULÉ --- CANCELLED --- ANNULÉ --- CANCELLED

04/10/2016 Prof. Zbigniew Lodziana   Fascinating properties of metal-boron-hydrogen systems : from hydrogen storage to ionic conductivity

05/10/2016 Marisa Martinez Merino   Death mediated scaling'

06/10/2016 Prof. Daniel Riveline   Still and rotating myosin clusters determine cytokinetic ring constriction

Prof. Sandrine Sagan   Versatile Membrane Partners for Thiol-Containing Cell-Penetrating Peptides / Protein-Transduction Domains

10/10/2016 Prof. Keisuke Suzuki    Lessons from Complex Natural Product Synthesis: Polyphenol Monomers, Oligomers and Hybrids

Prof. Dominique Soldati-Favre   Plasmepsin IX and X: new candidate targets for old antimalarial drugs

11/10/2016 Daphné Dambournet   Reprogramming of clathrin-mediated endocytosis during stem cell differentiation

12/10/2016 Several internationally renowned speakers   Frontiers in Developmental Biology

17/10/2016 M. Tamas Oncsik   Ion-specific Effects on Particles Aggregation Probed by Different Analytical Techniques

18/10/2016 Prof. Michael Shatruk   Using Light to Control Magnetic Switching : Spin-Crossover Semiconductors and Light-Induced Radical Trapping

19/10/2016 Vladimir Girik   Regulation of ceramide biosynthesis in yeast - Defects in sphingolipid metabolism – a link to a renal pathology

Tom Kirchhausen   Cellular dynamics imaged with high spatial and temporal resolution

20/10/2016 Prof. Dr. Tanja Gaich   Generalized Total Synthesis of Natural Products beyond Biogenetic Relationships

25/10/2016 Prof. Ardemis Boghossian   Engineering Bio-Wrappings for Optical Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube (SWCNT) Sensing Applications

26/10/2016 Dimitri Moreau   High content screen identifies HRH3 as a modulator of LBPA content in late endosomal compartments

Prof. Kaori Sugihara   Self-assembled Lipid Structures as Model Systems for Studying Electrical and Mechanical Properties of Cell Membranes

27/10/2016 Prof. Annemieke Madder   Furan (photo)-Oxidation Based Click Reactions for Decoration and Conjugation of Peptides and Oligonucleotides

28/10/2016 Prof. Jeffrey D. Kovac   What is an Ethical Chemist?

01/11/2016 Dr. Gonzalo Angulo   Charge transfer reactions in excited states as described by the Langevin Equation

02/11/2016 Marek Drab   Caveolae - Mobility and New methods of Imaging

Prof. Silas Cook   Changing Perceptions: Advancing the Scope of Cross Coupling through Radical Organometallic

07/11/2016 Lena Maislisch, Mia Milos, Vincent Ossipow, Aurélien Roux   Diplômé en chimie/biochimie : exemples de carrières ?

09/11/2016 Deepikaa Menon   Regulation of membrane scission in yeast endocytosis

10/11/2016 Madhavi Krishnan   Control, Manipulation, and Measurement of Matter at the Nanometer Scale: From Single Molecule Science to Mesoscopic Digital Devices

Prof. Gianluca M. Farinola    Non-Conventional Routes to Organic and Hybrid Materials for Solar Energy Conversion

16/11/2016 Caterina Tomba   Shape control of an epithelium tissue under external curvature

Svetlana Afonina; Samuel Constant; Nicolas Fischer   Switch from academia to entrepreneurship and Prix Jaubert Ceremony

17/11/2016 Paul-Henri Haumesser   Ionic Liquids: An Innovative Medium for Nanofabrication

24/11/2016 M. Elia Previtera   Study of the size-reduction effect on the photophysical properties of [Ru(bpy)3][NaCr(ox)3] nano-crystals and functionalization of their surface

Prof. Raphaël Rodriguez    An Iron Hand Over Cancer Stem Cells

30/11/2016 Noemi Jimenez Rojo   Systematic lipidomics to uncover new lipid functions

Prof. Janine Cossy   From Small to Large Rings

02/12/2016 Mme Bei Zhang   Thiolate Protected Gold Nanoclusters : Heteroatom Doping and Catalysis

06/12/2016 Prof. Hening Lin   Sirtuins and novel PTMs in cancer

07/12/2016 Prof. Mark Lautens   Improving Efficiency in Synthesis

08/12/2016 Dr Romain Bordes   Controlling the Aggregation of Particles to Tune Materials Properties

Nataša Adžic   Phenomenology of Electrostatic Interactions in Protein Physics

12/12/2016 Prof. Cédric Saucier   Le Vin et La Chimie: historique et développements récents en Œnologie

13/12/2016 Katarzyna Kubiak   Formation of Silver Nanoparticle Monolayers as a Reference System useful for the Interpretation of Protein Adsorption Kinetic Runs

14/12/2016 Nicolas Chiaruttini   Ribbons and surfaces - How to deform a lipid membrane with biological polymers ?

15/12/2016 Ormid Arjmandi-Tash

Prof. Joseph Moran   Catalysis in Complex Mixtures: From Discovering Synthetic Methods towards Understanding the Origin of Life

16/12/2016 Dr Thomas L. Gianetti   Ligand platform: the key to stabilize reactive low valent organometallic species


Prof. Davide Bonifazi   Tailoring Molecular Properties through Heteroatom Doping

Santiago Lascano   Complex Surface Architectures: The Discovery of the Third Orthogonal Dynamic Covalent Bond

19/01/2017 4 outstanding speakers (P.J. Hore, A. Mayer, J.R. Nitschke, P.H. Seeberger) + 17 junior speakers   Geneva Chemistry & Biochemistry Days 2017

25/01/2017 Vincent Mercier   Fast ESCRT relocalization to endosome induced by hyperosmotic shock

01/02/2017 Ilaria Di Meglio   Cell division and growth under 3D constraint

02/02/2017 Prof. Christof Sparr    Structural Complexity Addressed by the Stereoselective Arene-Forming Aldol Condensation

08/02/2017 Louise Lefrançois   Genome wide mutagenesis strategies in Dictyostelium discoideum and Mycobacterium marinum to decipher the conserved genetic basis of mycobacteria intracellular infections

09/02/2017 Prof. Varinder Aggarwal   Assembly Line Synthesis

Prof. Stephen Clark   New Approaches to the Synthesis of the Manzamine Alkaloids: Total Synthesis of (–)-Nakadomarin A

10/02/2017 Prof. T. Schäfer (University of the Basque Country, Spain); Dr. R. Style (ETHZ)   Swiss Soft Days 20

13/02/2017 Prof. Majed Chergui   Observing chemical dynamics on the atomic scale of time and space

15/02/2017 Rita Mateus   Finding growth modulators of the zebrafish pectoral fin

16/02/2017 Prof. Pablo Rivera-Fuentes   Inducing Intracellular Reductive Stress with Photoactivatable Phosphines

22/02/2017 Kyohei Umebayashi   Cell polarity proteins as targets of sterol-PI4P exchange

Paola Morelli   TBA

27/02/2017 Prof. Gérald S. Remaud   Authenticity, traceability, counterfeiting: a challenge to the chemist that can be tackled by NMR spectroscopy

28/02/2017 Dr. Basile Curchod   Towards in Silico Photochemical Experiments using Ab Initio Nonadibatic Molecular Dynamics

01/03/2017 Cameron Scott   Identification of a Transcriptional Network Directing Lipid Droplet Biogenesis

02/03/2017 Dr. Peter Limacher   Seniority-Zero Wavefunctions: How to Treat Multi-Reference Problems with Single-Reference Ansätze

Dr Pierre Stallforth   Social Amoebae: A Rich Source of Natural Products

08/03/2017 Ana Lopez Jimenez   Role of ESCRT in membrane repair during Mycobacterial infection

M. Oleksandr Yushchenko   Excited-state dynamics in electron-donor-acceptor systems of increasing complexity

Prof. Kai SIMONS   Lipid rafts, obesity and lipidomics

09/03/2017 Prof. Leticia Gonzalez    Excited States and Dynamics of Biosystems. A Challenge for Theory.

14/03/2017 Prof. Andreas Dreuw   Quantum Mechanochemistry : Lightening up the force

15/03/2017 Mateusz Kozak   Role of liquid de-mixing in the initiation of endocytosis

16/03/2017 Kristian Franze   The regulation of neuronal function by brain mechanics

Prof. Jeremy Sanders   Thermodynamics and Molecular Recognition: From Dynamic Combinatorial to Crystal Polymorphism

23/03/2017 Dr. Irena G. Stará    Helical Aromatics: From Shadow under the Spotlight

Maria Géraldine Labrador Beltran   Synthesis, Late-Stage Functionalization and Properties of Cationic [6]Helicenes Chromophores

24/03/2017 Prof. Jonathan Sweedler   Life on the "D" side: D-amino acid signaling in the brain

27/03/2017 Mark W. Wilson   From the lab to the market: A concept-stage tool to discover all the ways a research-based high-tech idea can go to market

28/03/2017 Prof. Xiaoguang Lei   Tightly Linking Chemistry and Biology through Covalent Bonds

29/03/2017 Sarah Machado   Cell size regulation in Drosophila wing discs

30/03/2017 Prof. Edward Anderson   Methods and Mechanisms in Metal- and Radical-Mediated Ring Synthesis

03/04/2017 Franck Notari   Le traitement des émeraudes

05/04/2017 Tania Rodrigues   Deferred cell differentiation shapes the pigeon retina and optic tectum for high visual acuity

12/04/2017 Nicolas Ecker   Cell Motility Driven by Spontaneous Actin Waves

19/04/2017 Thomas Hannich   Atypical sphingolipids in anoxia toxicity.

21/04/2017 Prof. Phil Cole   TBA

24/04/2017 Dr. Maria Inés Velazco   Breakthrough Fragrance Technologies to improve Hygiene & Health in developing countries

26/04/2017 Fabrizio Vacca   Lysobisphosphatidic acid (LBPA) and cholesterol storage in Niemann-Pick C disease

27/04/2017 Prof. Kari Rissanen    Supramolecular Crystallography: Weak Intermolecular Interactions in the Solid State

François Miros   Rylenediimide Model Systems: Quantification of Enolate-π Interactions for Anion-π Catalysis

28/04/2017 Dr. Daniele Leonori   Visible-Light Generation of Nitrogen Radicals: Hydroamination, N-Arylations and Aminofunctionalization Reactions

02/05/2017 Bruno Stieger   Drugs and Liver Disease: Modulation of Transport Activity of Canalicular ABC Transporters

03/05/2017 Lyudmil Raykov   Dictyostelium discoideum cell-intrinsic immunity

10/05/2017 Hetty Manenschijn   The contribution of type-I myosin motors to membrane bending in endocytosis

12/05/2017 Prof. Ryan A. Shenvi   Chemical Synthesis of Secondary Metabolites

15/05/2017 Prof. Jon Ellman    C-H Functionalization for the Efficient Assembly and Elaboration of Heterocyclic Compounds

17/05/2017 Adaï Colom   Measuring lipid membrane properties using a mechanosensitive fluorescence probe

22/05/2017 Professor Elizabeth Hartland   Bacterial infection and cell death

Dr. Fabien Cougnon   On molecular machines and topology. An overview of the development of the concept of mechanical bond.

23/05/2017 Johannes Bookhold   From Thermoresponsive Microgel-Coating to Free-Standing Cross-Linked Membranes for Temperature Controlled Permeation

24/05/2017 Irinka Castanon   Anthrax Toxin Receptor 2a: From oriented divisions to hematopoietic and kidney development

26/05/2017 Prof. Pinaki Talukdar    Artificial Chloride Transport En Route to Cellular Apoptosis

Prof. Takuzo Aida   Stimuli-Responsive Smart Soft Materials Fabricated under Nonequilibrated Conditions

29/05/2017 Prof. Thomas Ward   Endowing Organometallic Chemistry with a Genetic Memory

Prof. Nathaniel L. Rosi   Ligand Exchange Phenomena and the Realization of Gradients in Metal-Organic Frameworks

Prof. Thomas Ward and Dr. Tillmann Heinisch   Debugging and Evolving Artificial Metalloenzymes: Chemical and Biological Challenges

30/05/2017 Dr. Ivano Tavernelli   Mixed quantum-classical methods for the simulation of photophysical and photochemical processes.

31/05/2017 Takeshi Harayama   Potential role of membrane linoleic acid in adipogenesis.

Mme Marie Humbert-Droz   Computing Excited State Properties of Chromophores : a Challenge for the Computational Chemist

Dr. Sébastien Ulrich    Dynamic Self-Assemblies for Nucleic Acids Complexation and Delivery

08/06/2017 Amin Sadeghpour   Lipid Mesophases as Studied by Small Angle X-ray Scattering

Prof. Stellios Arseniyadis   Simple Synthetic Tools – Great Outcome. From DNA-Based Asymmetric Catalysis to Asymmetric Organometallic Catalysis

13/06/2017 Dr. Sarah Khanniche   Gas-silica interaction and gas-phase reactivity : a molecular dynamics and quantum chemical study

14/06/2017 Elena Cardenal-Munoz   The amoeba Dictyostelium, a powerful tool for autophagy research

15/06/2017 Prof. Denis Jacquemin   Dye Modelling Using First-Principle Approaches

19/06/2017 Jingying Zhai   Ionophore-based Complexometric Titration

20/06/2017 Dr. Simon CORRIE   Investigation of organosilica nanoparticles as a robust material for optical pH sensing in biological environments

21/06/2017 Prof. Omar Mohammed   Mapping Carrier Dynamics on Semiconductor Material Surfaces and at Interfaces using Laser Spectroscopy and 4D Electron Microscopy

22/06/2017 Curtis Alexander Davey   X-Ray Crystal Structure of a Chromatosome - the Fundamental Nucleosome-Linker Histone Assembly of Chromatin

23/06/2017 M. Manish Sharma   Experimental and Theoretical Studies of Boron and Hydrogen Containing Compounds In Relation to Potential Hydrogen Storage and Ionic Conduction Application

26/06/2017 Dr. Satoko Takemoto   Performance evaluation of image segmentation methods for better objectivity of cell image analysis

29/06/2017 Mme Teresa Delgado-Perez   Structural Investigation of the High-Spin->Low-Spin Relaxation Dynamics in Spin-Crossover Compounds

M. Mohsen Moazzami Gudarzi   Surface Forces in the Presence of Multivalent Ions

Gareth Griffiths   Development of nanoparticle-based therapies against tuberculosis in zebrafish

30/06/2017 Andreas Hauser Symposium

03/07/2017 Valeria Cavalli   Activating axon regeneration programs: from epigenetic to ER stress responses

05/07/2017 Augustinus Galih   Unraveling the molecular basis of toxicity of atypical sphingolipids

10/07/2017 Varadharajan Sundaramurthy, PhD   Exploring the intersection of intracellular mycobacterial trafficking routes with host endocytic pathways by chemical genetics approach

12/07/2017 Anastasiya Trushko   Epithelium buckling in a hollow elastic microsphere

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