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07/10/2004 Prof. Glenn D. Prestwich   Visualizing phosphoinoisitide and phospholipid signaling in cells

19/10/2004 Mme Laetitia Florasio Cartier   Death and birth of neurons: CCR5 and Pax 6

25/10/2004 Aurélien Roux   Role of curvature and phase transition in lipid sorting and fission of membrane tubules

28/10/2004 Mme Heliana Kola   Bio-physicochemical parameters influencing Cd uptake by the unicellular green alga

04/11/2004 Dr Valeria Cavalli   Sunday Driver and JNK: linking axonal transport to damage signaling in peripheral neurons

11/11/2004 Prof. Ivan Dikic   Ubiquitination and endocytosis of EGF receptors

15/11/2004 Stéphanie Hugues   Distinct T cell dynamics in intact LN during the induction of tolerance and immunity

17/11/2004 Cameron Scott   Phosphatidylinositol-4,5-bisphosphate hydrolysis is essential for actin depolymerization during phagocytosis

22/11/2004 Prof. Andreas Mayer   Membrane fusion: Resolution of SNARE pairing, lipid and contents mixing

30/11/2004 Prof. Neil Emans   Differential high content screening for molecules affecting G-protein coupled receptor trafficking

06/12/2004 Prof. Michal Borkovec   Polyelectrolytes: The Analytical and Physical Chemist's Challenge

21/02/2005 M. Cédric Asensio   Interplay between the B-adrenergic System, Adipose Secreted Factors and Energy Homeostasis

Prof. Thanos Halazonetis   Cell cycle checkpoints and cancer

02/03/2005 Dr. Samuel Young   Proteolysis of SNARE proteins alters facilitation and depression in a specific way

09/03/2005 Prof. Harvey Mac Mahon   Generation and sensing of membrane curvature

14/03/2005 Dr. Lukas Sommer   Combinatorial signalling regulating stem cell fates in development and disease

Dr. Marcos Gonzales-Gaitan   Endocytosis and morphogenetic signalling

16/03/2005 Prof. Alexandre Alexakis; Prof. Michal Borkovec   Tête-à-Têtes de Sciences Moléculaires

21/03/2005 Prof. Howard Riezman   The Mysteries of Sphingolipids

11/04/2005 R. Haubrichs   La pourpre: 5000 ans d'histoire haute en couleur

21/04/2005 Dr. Jean-Manuel Segura   Investigating Cellular Signalling at the Single-Molecule Level

Dr. David Rueda   RNA Structure, Function and Dynamics Studied by FRET and Single Molecule Microscopy

02/05/2005 Prof. Odile Eisenstein   Du modèle vers le système réel: un dialogue expérience/théorie en chimie organométallique

09/05/2005 Dr. Laure Geoffroy   Evaluation de la toxicité de polluants environnementaux: Stress oxydatif et recherche de biomarqueurs

17/05/2005 Prof. Sir John Meurig Thomas, FRS   Single Site Heterogeneous Catalysis

18/05/2005 M. Komla Sobo   Characterization of raft-like domains in late endocytic compartments

19/05/2005 Dr. Hemmo Meyer   Mechanisms and Cellular Functions of the p97/Cdc48 Chaperone System

23/05/2005 Prof. G. Hopfgartner, Dr P. Edder, Dr L. Verzegnassi après l'Uni? Conférence-débat et remise du Prix Ciba (M. S. Rentsch) et du Prix Syngenta (Mme C. Villani)

26/05/2005 M. Nicolas Molnarfi   La phosphoinositide 3-kinase dans la régulation des réponses inflammatoires

13/06/2005 Prof. Emeritus Edmond H. Fischer   Protein Cross-Talk in Cell Signaling

14/06/2005 Dr. Sylvie Urbé   Endocytosis: The DUB version

21/06/2005 Dr David Palmer   Proteins storage in lysosomes, lipid involvement and neurodegeneration in an ovine model of Batten disease

23/06/2005 M. Julien Chevallier   Synthesis, characterization and function of lysobisphosphatidic acid

24/06/2005 Dr Elena Aseeva   Components of thylakoid biogenesis in cyanobacteria and chloroplasts"

27/06/2005 Prof. Akihiko Nakano   molecular mechanisms and dynamics of membrane protein sorting in the yeast secretory pathway

29/06/2005 Prof. Dr. Alexander Lawson   CrossFire Beilstein/Gmelin - How to get the best results from these databases? Outlook to MDL Discovery Gate - What comes next?

17/07/2005 23 invited speakers   OMCOS 13: IUPAC Symposium on Organometallic Chemistry Directed Towards Organic Synthesis

09/09/2005 M. Andreas Muehlemann   Functional study of neuronal calcium sensor-1 (NCS-1) in Yeast and Mice

Prof. Carla Koehler   New developments in mitochondrial biogenesis

23/09/2005 Prof. Kyohei Umebayashi   Ubiquitination of the EGF

27/09/2005 Dr. Stan van de Graaf   Regulated endo- and exocytosis of the epithelial calcium channels TRPV5 and TRPV6

Dr Vincent Favre-Nicolin   Détermination de structures ab initio par diffraction sur poudres avec FOX: des intermétalliques aux molécules organiques

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