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08/09/2008 Dr Corinne Vebert   Hydrophobic Polymer Modification of Oligonucleotides

22/09/2008 Dr Dong Qiu   Small-angle neutron scattering study of polymers at colloidal interface

Dr Michel Gubelmann   Acid catalysis - a journey through industrial organic chemistry

25/09/2008 Dr Cyrille Gautier   Chiroptical properties of chiral gold nanoparticles

01/10/2008 Prof. Peter C. Hauser   Contactless Conductivity Detection for Microseparation Techniques

06/10/2008 Dana Florina SIMON   Biological and Chemical Effects of Cadmium on Chlamydomonas reinhardtii

10/10/2008 Prof. Martin R. Bryce   The challenge of molecular cables

13/10/2008 Dr Howard Flack   Il y a 160 ans, Louis Pasteur découvrait la résolution spontanée

15/10/2008 Prof. Roger Guilard   Exceptional affinity of nanostructured organic-inorganic hybrid materials towards gases due to the confinement of copper complexes

21/10/2008 Dr Klaus Wandelt   Spontaneous nanostructure formation at surfaces

29/10/2008 Prof. Vahid Sandoghdar   Optical studies of single nanoparticles: from single viruses to plasmonic sensors

05/11/2008 Dr. Olivier Maury   Lanthanide coordination chemistry: from old complexes to new concepts

06/11/2008 Dr Martin Trulsson   Going beyond the DLVO-theory

10/11/2008 Prof. Dr Hubert Mimoun   Méthodologies catalytiques industrielles et développement durable

19/11/2008 Dr. Artur Schmitt   Colloidal Heteroaggregation

26/11/2008 Prof. Alan Williams, Dr Theo Berclaz   Les aspects modernes de la liaison chimique

28/11/2008 Prof. Corinne Vebert   Self-assembling bioactive polymers

03/12/2008 Dr. Fabrice Odobel   Towards artificial photosynthesis: photoaccumulative electron transfer and photosensitization of p-type semiconductors

07/01/2009 Prof. Christophe Labbez

26/01/2009 Prof. Larry Que   Metal Swapping at a Dioxygenase Active Site

Prof. Laura Gagliardi   Modeling novel compounds related to renewable energies

30/01/2009 Oppolzer Lectures 2009

18/02/2009 Prof. Jiri Homola   Label-free optical biosensors: present and future

06/03/2009 Dr Sabine Manet   Counterion effects on surfactant properties : From micelles to crystals

09/03/2009 Prof. Roland Krämer   New fluorescent probes for application in the life sciences

11/03/2009 Section de chimie et biochimie   Visite des Labos de la Section

13/03/2009 Prof. Craig Hill   Fundamentally New Structures and Reactivities in Inorganic Complexes

23/03/2009 Prof. Jean-Marc Triscone   New phenomena at oxide interfaces

01/04/2009 Prof. Pascal H. Fries   Molecular Recognition of Lanthanide(III) Ion Complexes. Contrast Optimization in Magnetic Resonance Imaging

08/04/2009 Dr Hans Hagemann, Dr Thierry Soldati   Tête-à-Têtes de sciences moléculaires

20/04/2009 Remise des Prix aux lauréat-e-s de la Section

22/04/2009 Prof. Lyndon Emsley   NMR crystallography

29/04/2009 Prof. Jean-Pierre Sauvage   Chemically and photochemically driven molecular machines and motors

04/05/2009 Dr Georg Feger   Biopharmaceuticals: past – present – future

08/05/2009 Prof. Makoto Fujita   Self-Assembly and Functionalization of Molecular Spheres

13/05/2009 Prof. N. J. Tao   Electron transport through single molecules

15/05/2009 Dr Clotilde Ribaut   Elaboration of an impedimetric cell-based sensor for the measurements of physiological changes affecting parasitized cell

18/05/2009 Dr Laura Muresan   Electrochemical Methods for Characterization of Modified Electrodes

20/05/2009 Dr Georgi Gotchev   Interaction forces in oil-in-water emulsion films stabilized by nonionic polymeric surfactants

Prof. Enzo Terreno   Paramagnetic nanovesicles for biomedical MRI applications

25/05/2009 Prof. Joseph Gal   Mauve: a color that changed chemistry, medicine and history

27/05/2009 Prof. Jean-Pierre Launay   Approaches for a molecular rotary motor

04/06/2009 Aude ESCANDE   Contrôle des températures de fusion de lanthanidomésogènes thermotropes par la connexion de chaînes flexibles divergentes

10/06/2009 Francesco Paolucci   Electrochemistry of Carbon Nanostructures:From Pristine Materials to Molecular Devices

Elisabeth Verpoorte   Leveraging Microfluidics for Analytical Innovation in the Life Sciences

Eric Bakker   From Smart Materials to Chemical Sensors

Maria Minunni   Biosensors as an Innovative Analytical Tool

Martin Pumera   Electrochemical Nanobiosensors and Biochips

16/06/2009 Dr Prashant Sinha   Intermediate states in bivalent ion induced shrinking of polyacrylate coils

M. Yves Bernard   Avoiding Heisenberg with Certainty

17/06/2009 Dr Emek Seyrek   Understanding Interactions of Polyelectrolytes - From Fundamentals to Diverse Materials Design-

19/06/2009 Prof. Chi WU   How macromolecules pass through a nanopore

23/06/2009 Dr. Reinhard Sigel   Light Scattering at Colloidal and Liquid Interfaces

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