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15/10/2004 Prof. Piotr Piecuch   New Alternatives for Accurate Quantum Calculations for Molecular Systems : Bond Breaking, Diradicals, and Excited Electronic States

26/10/2004 Prof. Christian Bressler   Ultrafast X-Ray Studies of Coordination Chemistry Compounds

28/10/2004 Mme Heliana Kola   Bio-physicochemical parameters influencing Cd uptake by the unicellular green alga

08/11/2004 Prof. Klaus Meerholz   Organic Light emitting Diodes and Photorefractive Materials

09/11/2004 Prof. Klaus Meerholz   Organic Solar Cells

15/11/2004 Prof. Rasmita Raval   Chiral Hierarchies at Surfaces

30/11/2004 Prof. Neil Emans   Differential high content screening for molecules affecting G-protein coupled receptor trafficking

02/12/2004 Dr. Michael Bühl   Modeling NMR chemical shifts in solution

Prof. Elfi Kraka   The importance of computational chemistry in drug design - a CADD approach to non-toxic enediyne anti-cancer drugs

Dr. Markus Reiher   Theory for chemistry : development of new quantum chemical methods for the study of molecular systems

Dr. Tomasz Wesolowski   Subsystem based formulation of density functional theory and its practical advantages in computer simulations of complex chemical systems

06/12/2004 Prof. Michal Borkovec   Polyelectrolytes: The Analytical and Physical Chemist's Challenge

09/12/2004 Prof. Carlo Adamo   La théorie de la fonctionnelle de la densité pour l'étude des systèmes chimiques complexes

Prof. Laura Gagliardi   Quantum chemistry for excited states : from organic molecules to actinides

Prof. Markus Meuwly   Crossing barriers : dynamics of chemical reactions in complex systems

Prof. Christian Ochsenfeld   Quantum chemistry for large molecular systems with 1000 and more atoms : development and application

20/12/2004 Mme Elena Cosmina Dutan   Changements conformationnels associés à des réductions monoélectriques de composés organophosphorés insaturés: investigations par RPE et DFT

11/01/2005 Prof. David Fermin   Self-assembly of Nano-components on Electrode Surfaces

24/01/2005 Prof. James K. McCusker   Ultrafast Spectroscopy of Transition Metal Complexes : New Paradigms for Excited-State Dynamics

25/01/2005 Prof. James K. McCusker   Electron and Energy Transfer Processes involving Exchange-Coupled Metal Complexes

21/02/2005 Prof. Thanos Halazonetis   Cell cycle checkpoints and cancer

25/02/2005 M. Olivier Nicolet   Dynamique de recombinaison de charges ultrarapide dans des paires d'ions

07/03/2005 Prof. Koichi Yamashita   Quantum transport at molecule-surface interfaces: ab initio non-equilibrium Green function approach

16/03/2005 Prof. Alexandre Alexakis; Prof. Michal Borkovec   Tête-à-Têtes de Sciences Moléculaires

21/03/2005 Prof. Howard Riezman   The Mysteries of Sphingolipids

01/04/2005 Prof. Matthias Ballauff   Spherical Polyelectrolyte Brushes

06/04/2005 M. Fabien Tran   Development and Application of Orbital-Free Kinetic-Energy Functionals in Density Functional Theory

11/04/2005 Prof. Geraldine L. Richmond   Advancing our Understanding of Interfacial Structure with Vibrational Sum Frequency Spectroscopy

R. Haubrichs   La pourpre: 5000 ans d'histoire haute en couleur

12/04/2005 Prof. Geraldine L. Richmond   Water Structure and Bonding at Hydrophobic Surfaces

18/04/2005 Prof. Philip Anfinrud   Visualizing Structural Dynamics in Proteins through Time-Resolved Laue Crystallography

21/04/2005 Dr. Jean-Manuel Segura   Investigating Cellular Signalling at the Single-Molecule Level

Dr. David Rueda   RNA Structure, Function and Dynamics Studied by FRET and Single Molecule Microscopy

02/05/2005 Prof. Odile Eisenstein   Du modèle vers le système réel: un dialogue expérience/théorie en chimie organométallique

11/05/2005 M. Cyril Gouverd   Formation et stabilisation d'intermédiaires paramagnétiques à partir de composés phosphaalcéniques : Investigations RPE et DFT

17/05/2005 Prof. Sir John Meurig Thomas, FRS   Single Site Heterogeneous Catalysis

23/05/2005 Prof. G. Hopfgartner, Dr P. Edder, Dr L. Verzegnassi après l'Uni? Conférence-débat et remise du Prix Ciba (M. S. Rentsch) et du Prix Syngenta (Mme C. Villani)

24/05/2005 Prof. Bern Kohler   Time-resolved spectroscopy of DNA : Following electronic energy across hydrogen bonds and along base stacks

25/05/2005 M. Bassirou N'Diaye   Identification et structure d'espèces paramagnétiques créées par radiolyse, à l'état monocristallin, de complexes entre une phosphine et un métal pentacarbonylé

26/05/2005 Dr. Anatole A. Neufeld   Proceeding beyond Marcus theory of electron transfer : challenges and prospects

27/05/2005 Mme Sandra Delahaye   Photophysical study of some diimine Pt(II) and Ru(II) complexes

13/06/2005 Prof. Emeritus Edmond H. Fischer   Protein Cross-Talk in Cell Signaling

14/06/2005 Dr. Jean-Paul Collin   Mouvements moléculaires dans des complexes de type caténane et rotaxane

21/06/2005 Dr David Palmer   Proteins storage in lysosomes, lipid involvement and neurodegeneration in an ovine model of Batten disease

23/06/2005 M. Julien Chevallier   Synthesis, characterization and function of lysobisphosphatidic acid

Réunion annuelle du Département

24/06/2005 Melle Delphine Bas   Density Functional Theory study of structural and spectroscopic properties : From chiral organic compounds to probe molecules adsorbed in zeolites

27/06/2005 Prof. Akihiko Nakano   molecular mechanisms and dynamics of membrane protein sorting in the yeast secretory pathway

29/06/2005 Prof. Dr. Alexander Lawson   CrossFire Beilstein/Gmelin - How to get the best results from these databases? Outlook to MDL Discovery Gate - What comes next?

17/07/2005 23 invited speakers   OMCOS 13: IUPAC Symposium on Organometallic Chemistry Directed Towards Organic Synthesis

11/09/2005 11th International Conference on the Applications of Density Functional Theory in Chemistry and Physics

27/09/2005 Dr Vincent Favre-Nicolin   Détermination de structures ab initio par diffraction sur poudres avec FOX: des intermétalliques aux molécules organiques

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