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Academic year 2015 - 2016

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01/10/2015 Prof. Cécile Moucheron   Ruthenium(II) complexes, biomolecules and photons : biomolecular engineering and nano sciences

15/10/2015 Alan Heeger   Plastic Solar Cells: Self-Assembly of Bulk Heterojunction Nano-materials by Spontaneous Phase Separation

20/10/2015 Prof. Andreas Dreuw   Photochemistry of large molecules : a challenge to modern computational chemistry

10/11/2015 Prof. Peter Vöhringer   When light strikes iron: Photochemical dynamics from femtoseconds to seconds

16/11/2015 Dr. Thomas Spangenberg   Antimalarial Drug Discovery

24/11/2015 Dr. Andrei S. Kozlov   Concerted operation of hair-cell transduction channels underlies the ear's sensitivity and frequency selectivity

01/12/2015 Prof. James K. McCusker   Ultrafast Dynamics of Transition Metal-based Chromophores : Tailoring First-row Photophysics for Applications in Solar Energy Conversion Stategies

07/12/2015 Prof. Martin Beniston   Régimes hydrologiques en région de montagne dans un climat qui change : conséquences environnementales et économiques

13/01/2016 Prof. Tim Clark, Prof. Ron A. Heeren, 12 junior speakers   Geneva Chemistry Day 2016

Prof. Ben Cravatt, Prof. Ben Davis, Prof. David Liu and 10 outstanding international speakers   International Symposium on Chemical Biology 2016

18/01/2016 Prof. Philippe Reymond   Plant defenses against insect attack

08/02/2016 Prof. Bruno J. Strasser   La science pour tous ? L'essor des sciences citoyennes

08/03/2016 Prof. Daniel Gryko   Diketopyrrolopyrroles - the journey from Ferrari pigments to fluorescent functional dyes

14/03/2016 Fiami   L'alchimie de Paracelse

15/03/2016 Prof. Greg Scholes    Ultrafast Dynamics of Excitons in Chemistry and Biology: Electronic Energy Transfer

18/04/2016 Prof. Kaori Sugihara   Electrical and mechanical properties of model cell membranes

19/04/2016 Dr. Isabel Alves   Biophysical studies of biological events occurring at lipid membranes: on the interest of plasmon waveguide resonance

22/04/2016 Professor Karsten Kruse   Size regulation of cytoskeletal structures

26/04/2016 Prof. Mika Pettersson   Ultrafast dynamics of thiolate-protected gold nanoclusters - molecules or metals ?

27/04/2016 Mme Birte Varnholt   Spectroscopic Investigations Of Ligand-Gold Interactions In Monolayer Protected Gold Clusters

23/05/2016 Prof. Thanos Halazonetis   DNA repair pathways in normal and cancer cells

24/05/2016 Dr. Sandra Luber   Going beyond the gas phase : computational approaches for liquids and homogeneous catalysis

25/05/2016 Haricots & Co. – concours de l'Année Internationale des Légumineuses

07/06/2016 Emilie Chalaye; Christoph Nançoz; Annelies Sels; Maria Tsemperouli; Andrea Missana; Joe Beckwith; Roberto Ortuso; Alexander Zech; Ani Baghdasaryan   Voir programme pdf

10/06/2016 Prof. Michael Gottfried   Organometallic and coordination chemistry on surfaces

16/06/2016 M. Harekrishna Ghosh   Enhanced IR Signal from Metal Nanoparticle-polyelectrolyte-germanium Composites : An in situ ATR-IR Study

27/07/2016 M. Quinchao Sun   Study of the Photochemical and Photophysical Properties of Ruthenium (II) and Rhenium (I) Complexes

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