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26/08/2013 CODECS Summer School 2013   Theoretical Spectroscopy

28/08/2013 Prof. Andrea Pfeifer   From a child’s dream to a successful enterprise – Alzheimer’s therapy and prevention

19/09/2013 Dr. Steven A. Benner   Living Systems that Manage Artificial Genetic Information Systems

30/09/2013 Prof. Tomasz Wesolowski   The art of solving approximately the Schrödinger equation for chemistry, biochemistry, and materials science

14/10/2013 Prof. Bruno Chaudret   Organometallic nanoparticles: From physical principles to a new tool for organic chemistry

23/10/2013 14 internationally recognised lecturers   2013 Louis-Jeantet Symposium

30/10/2013 Prof. Karsten Kruse   Theoretical physics of the cytoskeleton and active gels

11/11/2013 Prof. Alke Fink   --- CANCELLED --- ANNULÉ --- CANCELLED --- ANNULÉ --- CANCELLED

13/11/2013 Prof. Karsten Kruse   Theoretical physics of the cytoskeleton and active gels

19/11/2013 Prof. Pieter Cullis, Prof. Sabine Flitsch, Prof. Tarun Kapoor, Prof. Tom Muir   Chemical Biology Symposium

26/11/2013 Prof. Joan Seoane   The TGF-beta Pathway as a Therapeutic Target in Brain Tumors

29/11/2013 Prof. Michael Famulok   Oligonucleotide-based Tools for Pharmacology and Nano-engineering

05/12/2013 Prof. Dennis Dougherty   Chemistry on the Brain: Understanding the Nicotine Receptor

06/12/2013 Prof. Christopher Heeschen   Stem Cell Dynamics in the Pancreas

09/12/2013 Prof. Nicolas Winssinger   De l'auto-assemblage vers une fonction

12/12/2013 Prof. Stephen Michnick   A nutrient-responsive pathway that determines timing of cell cycle phases through control of cyclin mRNA

19/12/2013 Prof. Rachel K. O'Reilly   New Directions in Chemistry - Taking Inspiration from Biology

16/01/2014 4 distinguished lecturers and a selection of PhD students   Geneva chemistry and biochemistry days 2014

23/01/2014 Prof. Florian Seebeck   Biosynthetic Sulfur Transfers

27/01/2014 Prof. Laurent Decosterd   Targeting and individualizing drug treatment: Bioanalytical approaches for personalized medicine

30/01/2014 Prof. Oliver Zerbe   NMR of Protein Fragments

04/02/2014 Diverse speakers   LS2 Annual Meeting 2014

07/02/2014 Prof. Bruno Antonny   Moving Cholesterol in the Cell by Using the Metabolic Energy of Phosphoinositides

12/02/2014 Prof. Gérard Hopfgartner   The Impact of Mass Spectrometry in Life Sciences

13/02/2014 Prof. Hans-Georg Rammensee   Peptide-based Immunotherapy of Cancer

20/02/2014 Prof. Kurt Gothelf   DNA-Programmed Assembly of Conjugate Polymers

24/02/2014 Dr Thierry Bettinger   Gas microbubbles and ultrasound: From diagnostic imaging to therapy

27/02/2014 Prof. Christian Leumann   Tricyclo-DNA for the Treatment of Neuromuscular Diseases

28/02/2014 Prof. Angela Nieto   --- CANCELLED --- ANNULÉ --- CANCELLED --- ANNULÉ --- CANCELLED

10/03/2014 Prof. Andy Bécue   Les Experts sous la loupe: jusqu'où la fiction concorde-t-elle à la réalité ?

18/03/2014 Prof. Anne-Claude Gingras   Dynamic interactomes in health and disease

27/03/2014 Prof. Didier Raoult   Obesity and gut microbia manipulation

07/04/2014 Prof. Martin Patel   Bio-based monomers and polymers – A sensible sustainability strategy?

09/04/2014 Prof. Dr. Martha S.Cyert   Molecular mechanisms & evolution of calcineurin signaling

10/04/2014 Prof. Dennis Gillingham    Targeting Nucleic Acids with Organometallic Catalysis

24/04/2014 Dr Derek Stemple   Transcript Counting as a Molecular Phenotyping Tool

05/05/2014 Prof. Mark Maclachlan   Supramolecular Origami: Twisting Paper into New Structures

12/05/2014 Prof. Alke Fink   Nanoparticles and cells: What have we learnt

21/05/2014 Concours du Cristal le plus Superlatif – Cérémonie des classes lauréates

23/06/2014 Prof. Werner Arber, Nobel Prize, and 10 outstanding lecturers   50th Anniversary of the Department of Molecular Biology, UNIGE

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