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Academic year 2008 - 2009

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21/08/2008 Mme Fabiana Tirone   NOX5, a Calcium Regulated NADPH Oxydase : Biochemical and Biophysical Characterization

22/09/2008 Dr Michel Gubelmann   Acid catalysis - a journey through industrial organic chemistry

01/10/2008 Natascha Sattler   Investigation of host factors important for infection with M. marinum

13/10/2008 Dr Howard Flack   Il y a 160 ans, Louis Pasteur découvrait la résolution spontanée

14/10/2008 Dr Jeroen Dobbelaere   Genome-wide analysis in Drosophila for genes involved in centrosome maturation

15/10/2008 Anne Zufferey   Transport of GPI-anchored proteins from ER to Golgi in mammalian cells

17/10/2008 Dr Christopher Lipinski   Drug discovery challenges: the balance between biology and chemistry

23/10/2008 Prof. Olivier Staub   Regulation of trafficking and activity of the epithelial sodium channel ENaC by deubiquitylation

27/10/2008 Dr Xavier Morelli   Protein-Protein Interaction: Druggable or Undruggable Targets?

29/10/2008 Prof. Leonardo Scapozza   Protein kinases as drug targets: The challenge of conformational plasticity in inhibitor design

30/10/2008 Guillaume Castillon   Endoplasmic Reticulum Exit of Glycosylphosphatidylinositol Anchored Protein in the Yeast Saccharomyces Cerevisiae

10/11/2008 Prof. Dr Hubert Mimoun   Méthodologies catalytiques industrielles et développement durable

17/11/2008 Dr. Matthew Wodrich   Computational Modeling and Description of Hydrocarbon Properties

25/11/2008 Prof. Michael Overduin   Exploring the membrane:protein interface: prediction, validation and structures of proteins that bind and fold on membrane surfaces

26/11/2008 Prof. Jean Gruenberg   Endosome Morphogenesis

Prof. Alan Williams, Dr Theo Berclaz   Les aspects modernes de la liaison chimique

02/12/2008 Uenal Coskun   Dimeric FAPP2 in membrane organization

03/12/2008 Dr Thierry Soldati   phagocytic furrow

10/12/2008 Prof. Monica Gotta   regulation of polarity and spindle positioning

14/01/2009 Dr Karine Laulagnier   The secret of secretory lysosomes : Adaptor protein complexes could lift the veil

Dr Claire Wilhelm   Intracellular magnetic nanoparticles for biophysical and biomedical strategies

15/01/2009 Dr Claire Salzer   Retinal determination in Drosophila: within the developing eye and abroad.

21/01/2009 Dr Monica Hagedorn   Non-lytic release of cytosolic Mycobacterium marinum from its host cell

26/01/2009 Prof. Laura Gagliardi   Modeling novel compounds related to renewable energies

28/01/2009 Antje Kuhrs   dFSA and Hedgehog

30/01/2009 Oppolzer Lectures 2009

04/02/2009 Dr Marcy Taylor   Characterization of ER-derived vesicles from Saccharomyces cerevisiae

11/02/2009 Dr Cameron SCOTT   High-Throughput Approaches Towards Understanding Endosome Function

25/02/2009 Claudia Campos   Zebrafish Sara1 and neural progenitors

04/03/2009 Miriam Essid   The exocyst complex in Dictyostelium: Localisation and functional characterization

11/03/2009 Ben Brankatschk   EGF Receptor Signaling Revised

Section de chimie et biochimie   Visite des Labos de la Section

23/03/2009 Prof. Jean-Marc Triscone   New phenomena at oxide interfaces

26/03/2009 Ms Sarah Flowerdew   Trafficking Kv4.2 and KChIP1 - a non-conventional route to the cell surface

01/04/2009 Ms Ortrud Wartlick   Regulation of proliferation by Dpp in Drosophila imaginal discs

08/04/2009 Dr Hans Hagemann, Dr Thierry Soldati   Tête-à-Têtes de sciences moléculaires

20/04/2009 Remise des Prix aux lauréat-e-s de la Section

27/04/2009 M. Vladimir Varga   How does budding yeast kinesin-8 depolymerize microtubules

29/04/2009 Chrystelle Montagne   SARA and stem cell maintenance in the adult Drosophila posterior midgut

04/05/2009 Dr Georg Feger   Biopharmaceuticals: past – present – future

18/05/2009 Dr. Alejandra Tomas Catala   Recent insights into the molecular mechanisms of insulin secretion

20/05/2009 Sabine Abke   SARA endosomes and endocytic trafficking in the zebrafish neuroepithelium

22/05/2009 Prof. Hiroaki Suga   Genetic Code Reprogramming and its Application to the Rapid Discovery of a New Class of Peptidyl Drugs

25/05/2009 Prof. Joseph Gal   Mauve: a color that changed chemistry, medicine and history

08/06/2009 Dr Benoît Kornmann   The molecular hug between the ER and the mitochondria

09/06/2009 Dr Izabela Sumara   Cul3-based E3-ligase: a master regulator of mitosis in mammalian cells

10/06/2009 Francesco Paolucci   Electrochemistry of Carbon Nanostructures:From Pristine Materials to Molecular Devices

Elisabeth Verpoorte   Leveraging Microfluidics for Analytical Innovation in the Life Sciences

Eric Bakker   From Smart Materials to Chemical Sensors

Maria Minunni   Biosensors as an Innovative Analytical Tool

Martin Pumera   Electrochemical Nanobiosensors and Biochips

16/06/2009 M. Yves Bernard   Avoiding Heisenberg with Certainty

29/06/2009 Dr David Miguez   Nonlinear dynamics of cancer pathways

M. Régis Dieckmann   Role of the Class I Myosin, MyoK, and the Actin Binding Protein 1, Abp1, in Phagocytosis in Dictyostelium discoideum

30/06/2009 Dr Aurélien Roux   How dynamin bends and breaks lipid membranes

02/07/2009 Dr Pedro Carvalho   Molecular mechanisms of ER-associated protein degradation

03/07/2009 Dr Orkun Soyer   Studying biological networks: An evolutionary perspective

06/07/2009 Dr Ana Garcia-Saez   Quantitative microscopy for the study of biomembranes. A single molecule approach to the Bcl-2 proteins

27/07/2009 Prof.Akiko K. Satoh   Rhodopsin transport in Drosophila photoreceptors: a sensitive and accessible system to investigate in vivo membrane traffic.

30/07/2009 Dr Alexander Heuck   Myosin-V dependent cargo assembly in yeast

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