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16/08/2009 Frontiers in Mass Spectrometry

23/08/2009 Functional Biosupramolecular Systems

30/08/2009 Chemistry for a Sustainable World

07/09/2009 Dr Philip Kraft   Fragrance Chemistry ... from Synthesis to Sensation

14/09/2009 Franck Perez   A Recombinant Antibody approach for Cell Biology

15/09/2009 Toshihide Kobayashi   Imaging lipids and lipid domains

15/10/2009 Dr Anne Burtey   Coupling of activation state and endocytic functions of beta-arrestin2: the IVF motif rules

23/10/2009 Profs Jean-Pierre Sauvage, Yves Ellinger, Narcis Avarvari   Minisymposium Michel Geoffroy

29/10/2009 Dr Ludovic Pineau   Impacts of cellular perturbations in lipid homeostasis on the functionality of the yeast secretory pathway

02/11/2009 Prof. Robin J.H. Clark   Scientific Examination of Pigments in Art and Archaeology: Art meets Science

11/11/2009 Prof. Howard Riezman   The multifunctional conserved p24 complex facilitates GPI-anchored protein transport, but how

18/11/2009 Prof. J. Lacour, Prof. E. Vauthey, D. Lovy, Dr D. Perret   Le Tableau Périodique, avant et après la révolution quantique

19/11/2009 Dr. Markus Maniak   Communication between organelles in lipid metabolism

25/11/2009 Dr Thierry Soldati   What is true for Dictyostelium is (partly) true for the mouse ? The evolution of phagocytosis, from feeding to immunity

30/11/2009 Dr Martin Karpf   Bird Flu, Swine Flu: En Route to Tamiflu™

01/12/2009 Dr Alexis Gautreau   Generation of branched actin networks: Assembly and regulation of WAVE and WASH multiprotein complexes

03/12/2009 Dr Ulrich Schaible   Host-pathogen interaction in tuberculosis

04/12/2009 Dr René Sigrist   Les multiples facettes de la chimie à Genève à l'époque de Senebier, 1770-1810

10/12/2009 Dr. Ivo F. Sbalzarini   Nanometer-precision reconstruction and characterization of the shapes and dynamics of endosomes in live cells

Prof. Luis Bagatolli   Lateral organization of Biological membranes and fluorescence microscopy

25/01/2010 Prof. Leonardo Scapozza   Moving Proteins Interacting With Small Molecular Weight Organic Molecules: Challenges and Opportunities for Medicinal Chemistry

27/01/2010 Sharon EPSTEIN   The UPR-lipid connection

03/02/2010 Ben Brankatschk   EGFR signaling

10/02/2010 Dr Sylvain LOUBERY   Trying to understand asymmetric endosome motion during asymmetric cell division

17/02/2010 Prof. Jean Gruenberg   Dynamics of membranes in the endosomal system

01/03/2010 Prof. Eric Davaud   Les climats et les variations du niveau marin du passé: Quelles leçons pour l'avenir ?

03/03/2010 Charlotte Géhin   Kinase control of lipid homeostasis in Mammalian cells

23/03/2010 Dr Derrick Gibbings   Roles for Membranes in the Control of RNA Silencing

29/03/2010 Prof. Gisou van der Goot   Anthrax Toxin Receptors: Roles in Infectious and Genetic Diseases

31/03/2010 Dr Kyohei UMEBAYASHI   Ubiquitome of a yeast sterol mutant points to nitrogen sensing.

12/04/2010 Prof. Winfried Weissenhorn   Enveloped virus budding: from ESCRTs to restriction factors

14/04/2010 Prof. Claude Piguet, Prof. Jean Gruenberg   Tête-à-Têtes de sciences moléculaires

15/04/2010 Giulia Pasqua   Cell entry of Lassa virus

19/04/2010 Remise des Prix aux lauréat-e-s de la Section

21/04/2010 Prof. Hervé This et autres intervenant-e-s   Sciences : Au défi de passionner les jeunes

27/04/2010 Prof. Roger Tsien, Prix Nobel de chimie 2008   Breeding and building molecules to spy on cells and tumors

28/04/2010 Dr Cameron SCOTT   High-throughput approaches towards understanding endosome function

05/05/2010 Ana Moraleda Merlo   Proteins involved in the asymmetric distribution of Notch/Delta endosomes during Sensory Organ Precursor cell division

06/05/2010 Assistants Dpt. biochimie - physio cell - médecine etc.   Symposium des assistants

19/05/2010 Dr Irinka Castanon   Anthrax Toxin Receptor 2 forms a crescent that transduces Wnt/PCP signalling during polarized mitosis

20/05/2010 Mrs Julie Mazzolini   Molecular mechanisms of macrophage phagocytosis and its perturbation by HIV-1 infection

02/06/2010 Dr Ursula LOIZIDES   Recent advances in mammalian cell lipidomics

28/06/2010 David Hakkoum   The Role of Interleukin-6 in Nervous Regeneration and Functional Recovery in Organotypic Hippocampal Slice Cultures.

29/06/2010 Dr Gregory Emery   An Endocytic Cycle Spatially restricts Receptor Tyrosine Kinase activity to control Border Cell Migration

10/07/2010 La Section de chimie et biochimie à la Nuit de la Science 2010

23/07/2010 Prof. Nathan Nelson   The driving force of life -structure and molecular evolution of photosynthetic reaction centers

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