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14/09/2018 Prof. Scott Snyder   Strategies and Tactics for the Rapid Synthesis of Molecular Complexity

20/09/2018 Prof. Hélène Lebel   Continuous flow Diazotisation of Amines

Dr Alexandre Martinez    Catalysis in Confined spaces : Endohedral Functionalization of Hemicryptophane Cages

Alexandre Homberg    Synthesis and Applications of Chiral Polyether Macrocycles

24/09/2018 Prof. Clément Mazet   (Remote) Functionalization by Alkene Isomerization

26/09/2018 Marcello Anzola    Programming Ligand Interaction and Reactions with Nucleic Acid Templated Processes

27/09/2018 Prof. Shunsuke Chiba    Molecular Transformations by Main Group Metal Hydrides

04/10/2018 Dr Mattia Silvi   Taming the Reactivity of Radicals for the Asymmetric Synthesis of Chiral Molecules

09/10/2018 Several distinguished speakers   Symposium Louis-Jeantet 2018

11/10/2018 Prof. Jean-François Poisson   Asymmetric Synthesis of Lycorine Alkaloids

Julien Guillemin    Catalyst-Controlled Diastereoselective Isomerization of Optically Active Primary Allylic Alcohols

18/10/2018 Prof. John Yates    Understanding the Molecular Defect in Cystic Fibrosis using Mass Spectrometry and Proteomics

26/10/2018 Prof. Kenneth Wärnmark    Harvesting Sunlight Using Iron

29/10/2018 Prof. Masahiro Murakami   Organic Synthesis Driven by Photons


15/11/2018 Dr Jean-Nicolas Dumez    Diffusion NMR of out-of-equilibrium mixtures


19/11/2018 Dr Ágnes Dienes-Nagy   L’importance de l’azote, du vignoble jusqu’à votre verre

22/11/2018 Prof. Jean-François Nierengarten    Fullerene and Pillar[5]arene scaffolds for the preparation of advanced materials and bioactive compounds

03/12/2018 Prof. Thomas Wirth   Iodine Reagents in Synthesis and Flow Chemistry

06/12/2018 Prof. Michael Mayer   Single Protein Biophysics inside Nanopores with Fluid Walls

10/12/2018 Prof. François P. Gabbaï   Sensing fluoride and cyanide anions in water using main group Lewis acids

13/12/2018 Prof. Ilan Marek   Remote Functionalization

Ciro Romano   Transition metal-catalyzed olefin isomerization for remote functionalization strategies

18/12/2018 I. Markovic Milosevic, R.D. Milton, A. Fürstenberg, T. Joshi, T. Ngoc Nguyên   Conférences de concours au poste de professeur-e assistant-e

20/12/2018 Prof. Nazario Martin    Synthetic Chiral Carbon Nanostructures

Mariano Macchione   Design, Synthesis and Evaluation of Multifunctional Dithienothiophene Monomers, Dimers and Trimers

14/01/2019 Prof. Andreas Janshoff   Viscoelasticity of cell membranes: from minimal artificial cortices to living cells

17/01/2019 Geneva Days: David J. Craik, Katharina M. Fromm, J. Justin Gooding, Kai Johnsson, Rasmita Raval, and 20 Junior Speakers   Geneva Chemistry & Biochemistry Days 2019

28/01/2019 Prof. Chiara Cordero   Chemistry and Food: exploring hazelnuts aroma complexity by Multidimensional Analytical approaches

30/01/2019 Prof. Raz Jelinek   Polydiacetylene: from color sensing to organic-electronics

07/02/2019 Dr Didier Bourissou    Transition Metal Reactivity under Ligand Control


Prof. Craig Butts    Chemical Structure Elucidation - A journey in NMR, computation and a little (machine?) learning

Eduard Sistaré Guardiola    TOP Resolution in 2D NMR Experiments Combining Chemical Shift Encoded Aliased Spectra and Spectral Reconstruction

15/02/2019 Joël Bultel    Nitrogen Ylide Formation and Subsequent Reactions via Cp-Ruthenium Catalyzed Diazo Decomposition

21/02/2019 Prof. Roman Boulatov   Challenges and Opportunities of Polymer Mechanochemistry

22/02/2019 Marta Brucka    Complementarity of decoupling elements with respect to spectral quality in 2D pure-shift homonuclear experiments

28/02/2019 Prof. Luc Brunsveld    Targeting Protein-Protein Interactions; from natural products to supramolecular systems

07/03/2019 Prof. Scott Cockroft    Exploiting Conformational Change: From Molecular Balances to Transmembrane Devices

11/03/2019 Prof. Leonardo Scapozza   Synthesis of New Aminopyrazole Analogues against Leishmaniosis: A University-DNDi Open Synthesis project

15/03/2019 Aurélien Roux   Common mechanical principles of biological surfaces deformation from lipid membranes to epithelia

18/03/2019 Prof. Dek Woolfson    Augmenting biology through de novo protein design

21/03/2019 Prof. Stefan Hecht   Controlling and Driving Thermal Processes with Light

25/03/2019 Prof. James Ferrell   TBA

03/04/2019 Dominic Hoch    Discovery of Targets of Cysteine-Reactive Natural Products

Chao Wang    Chemoproteomics-Enabled Discovery of Novel Cysteine and Serine-Reactive Small Molecules

11/04/2019 Dr. Josep Cornella   Catalysts and Reagents to Functionalize Challenging Bonds

29/04/2019 Dr. Corsin Battaglia   Materials Innovation for Next-Generation Batteries

02/05/2019 Prof. Steve Goldup   The Synthesis and Applications of Mechanically Chiral Molecules

10/05/2019 Prof. Takahiko Akiyama   Recent Progress in the Chiral Phosphoric Acid Catalysis

13/05/2019 Prof. Eric Allémann   Osteoarthritis: Is surgery the only way? Chemistry and pharmaceutical science may bring new solutions

16/05/2019 Dr. Cristina Trujillo   Asymmetric Catalysis from the Theoretical Perspective

20/05/2019 Prof. Takashi Ooi   Behavior of Molecules: From Catalysis to Biological Functions

27/05/2019 Dr. Kimberly M. Bonger   Bringing Orthogonality in the Tetrazine Ligation with (strained) alkenes

06/06/2019 Prof. Mariola Tortosa   New opportunities for C-B bond formation and C-N bond cleavage

07/06/2019 Alejandro Guarnieri   Synthesis of Novel Heterocycles and Macrocycles via Rh(II)-Catalyzed Decomposition of N-Sulfonyl-1,2,3-Triazoles

20/06/2019 Prof. Daniel Harki   Targeting the NF-kappaB-DNA Interface with Helenalin-Inspired Bis-Electrophiles

28/06/2019 Prof. Jerome Waser   New reactions with Hypervalent Iodine Reagents and Strained Rings: from Small Molecules to Proteins

Alessandro Bosmani   Synthesis, Mechanism and Applications of Azido Functionalized and α-Imino Carbene Derived Tröger Bases

05/07/2019 Prof. Richard Payne   Accelerated Chemical Synthesis of Modified Proteins via Novel Ligation Technologies

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