Former collaborators, alumni, and visitors

J. Songeon picture

Dr. Julien Songeon
From Hôpital Cantonal (HCUG)

D. Gibellieri picture

Dora Gibellieri

MSC Physics

O. Pant picture
C. Peduzzi picture
Y. Chang picture

Dr. Yi-Ping Chang

C. Askin picture

Dr. Ceren Askin

From Hôpital Cantonal (HCUG)

M. Schroeder picture

Dr. Malte Schroeder

G. Gaulier picture

Dr. Geoffrey Gaulier


T. Leinen picture

Tariq Leinen

MSC Physics

L. Lavolpe picture

Dr. Luca La Volpe


S. Barro picture

Sabrina Barro

MSc Physics

D. Brouzet Picture

Dylan Brouzet

MSc Physics

M. Tran Picture

Dr. Michael Tran


U. Andral picture

Dr. Hugo Andral


T. Produit picture
C-H Hwu picture

Chun-Hao Hwu

T. Baciunas picture

Dr. Tadas Balciunas


G. Campargue picture

Dr. Gabriel Campargue


PhD thesis in Open Archive UNIGE (link)

T. Rodrigues picture

Dr. Tania Rodrigues


A.Trepstra picture

Trepstra Aaron

O. Liashenko picture

Oleksandr Liashenko

MSc Physics

Omer Ozdemir picture

Omer Ozdemir

MSc Physics

no picture

Dr. Saima Nafees
From: ETHZ Lab. für Physikalische Chemie link

V. Kilin picture

Dr. Vasyl Kilin


A. Vieren picture
J. Schnetzer picture

Jesen Schnetzer

G. Giardina picture

Gabriel Giardina

MSc Physics

S. Sakong picture

Sim Sakong

MSc Physics

Vittorio Pini

Vittorio Pini

MSc Physics

G. Schimmel Picture

Dr. Guillaume Schimmel

M. Montagnese Picture

Dr. Matteo Montagnese

Jeremy Riporto

Dr. Jeremy Riporto

PhD thesis in Open Archive UNIGE (link)

I. Fureraj picture

Ina Fureraj

E. Graf picture
Gustavo Sousa

Dr. Gustavo Sousa

PhD thesis in Open Archive UNIGE (link)

F. Sheridan picture

Flann Chambers

M. Matthews Picture
Iris Friedli

Dr. Iris Friedli

Amin Rasoulof

Dr. Amin Rasoulof

J.Gateau picture

Dr. Julien Gateau

PhD thesis in Open Archive UNIGE ( link)

D. Mongin picture

Dr. Denis Mongin

D. Pantelic picture

Dragana Pantelic

Alexis Demierre

Alexis Demierre

Benjamin Daviet

Benjamin Daviet

From IUT Annecy (link)

J.-G. Brisset Picture

Dr. Jean-Gabriel Brisset

E. Schubert Picture

Dr. Elise Schubert

PhD thesis in Open Archive UNIGE ( link)

S. Courvoisier picture

Dr. Sebastien Courvoisier

PhD thesis in Open Archive UNIGE ( link)

N. Berti picture

Dr. Nicolas Berti

PhD thesis in Open Archive UNIGE ( link)

I. Crassee picture

Dr. Iris Crassee

PhD thesis in Open Archive UNIGE ( link)

Y. Rosales Cabara picture

Yoseline Rosales Cabara

D. Vulis picture

Daryl Vulis

darylvulis AT

Mazur Group at Harward University link

A. Chauvet picture

Dr. Adrien Chauvet

now at
The University of Scheffield link

L. De la Cruz picture

Lorena De la Cruz
A. Uldry picture

Aline Uldry
L. Olivieri picture

Luana Olivieri

Also at
Sapienza - Università di Roma (link)

G. Forcherio picture

Gregory T. Forcherio

now at
University of Arkansas link

Quentin Peter
W. Ettoumi picture
J. Coelho picture

Jonathan Coelho

B.Sc en Microtechniques
Laborant en Physique

S. Hermelin picture

Dr. Sylvain Hermelin

A. Rogov picture

Dr. Andrii Rogov

now at NIKON Instruments Suisse (link)

PhD thesis on Open Archive UNIGE (link)

D. Staedler picture

Dr. Davide Staedler

S. Kiseleva Afonina picture

Dr. Svetlana Kiseleva Afonina

S. Hwu picture

Stephanie Hwu

N. Marchiando picture

Nadège Marchiando

T. Magouroux picture

Dr. Thibaud Magouroux

D. Kiselev picture

Dr. Denis Kiselev

V. Borel picture

Valentine Borel

H. Haralambos picture

Haralambos Lemopoulos

M. Dugast picture

Maël Dugast

F. Pommel picture

François Pomel

C. Joulaud picture

Cécile Joulaud

A. Stepanov picture

Dr. Andrey Stepanov

E. Guillerm picture

Erwan Guillerm

M. Petrarca picture

Dr. Massimo Petrarca

S. Henin picture

Dr. Stephano Henin

J. Chagas picture

Dr. Julio Chagas

J. Extermann picture

Dr. Jérôme Extermann

P. Joly picture

Pierre Joly

T. Mareda picture

Tim Mareda

T. Chervy picture

Thibault Chervy

M. Thiriet picture

Maud Thiriet

Q. Jusforgues pictures

Quentin Jusforges

N. Hélaine picture

Nelson Hélaine

O. Nenadl picture

Ondrej Nenadl

A. Rondi picture

Dr. Ariana Rondi

P. Béjot picture

Dr. Pierre Béjot

D. Mohit picture

Deeraj Mohit

S. Ben Khelil picture

Seïfeddine Ben Khelil

V. Vaneph picture

Cyril Vaneph

N. Sakaï picture

Nariaki Sakaï

C. Kasparian picture

Christelle Kasparian

A. Tangara picture

Astou Tangara

S. Weber picture

Dr. Stephan Weber

Y. Petit picture

Dr. Yannick Petit

S. Machado picture

Dr. Sarah Machado

E. Cuna picture

Enrique Cuna

L. Woeste picture

Pro. Ludger Woeste

Y. Mugnier picture

Dr. Yannick Mugnier

R. Salame picture

Dr. Ramy Salame

P.-M. Gassin picture

Pierre-Marie Gassin

P. Billaud picture

Dr. Pierre Billaud

F. Courvoisier picture

Dr. François Courvoisier