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Our research is focused on the development and translation of nonlinear optical methods to imaging applications of preclinical relevance. This scientific endeavor can succeed only within truly interdisciplinary networks that we have been establishing over the years. Feel free to get in contact with us for any question or proposal.

Job Offers

We have no formal openings for PhD and PostDoc positions at present. Contact us in case of interest in our research or for Master and short internships.

News & Seminars

  • 18-19.04.2024 Visit and talks by Prof. Michele Celebrano - PoliMI (Thursday 18th at 1.30 pm, SCI-II 457) and by Prof. Giulia Tagliabue - EPFL (Friday 19th at 11 am, AEM-138).
  • 11.04.2024 Visit by Dr Margaux Bouzin - Università Milano Bicocca. Margaux will talk about Model-based image reconstruction for super-resolution photo-thermal imaging on Thirsday April 11th at 11 am Room AEM 178.
  • 15.03.2024 Congratulations to Paulí and Volodym in Geneva and to Florian and all the team in Annecy for the article accepted in Nanoscale!
  • 12.03.2024 Alexandra and Moritz are presenting their posters at the upcoming Focus on Microscopy Conference in Genova, Italy

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March 2024

5 days post plucking zebrafish scale imaged upon 1650 nm laser excitation. A, B, C, D z-projection of the whole scale volume (51 frames) A H2A:mCherry 3-photon fluorescence. B SHG. C THG. D Overlay A B and C. E, F, G Close-up on the ROI  in D, showing individual cells and their nuclei. E H2A:mCherry 3-photon fluorescence. F THG. G Overlay  E and F (Image by Thomas in collaboration with  A. De Simone's group)


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