Current collaborators

Post Doctoral Researchers

Alexandra Latshaw

(project FAIR CHARM)

Since January 2023
Phone: +41 22 37 90548


PhD Students

D. Kim picture

Doyoung Kim

(project FAIR CHARM)

Since February 2022
Phone: +41 22 37 90571

Paulí Figueras Llussà

(project DARE)

Since January 2022
Phone: +41 22 37 90585

Moritz Wiggert

(project WEAVE: ADAPT)

Start July 2023

Mater & Internship Students

S. Ghosh picture

Ojaswita Pant

(Internship: project DARE)


D. Brouzet picture

Dora Gibellieri

(Master: project FAIR CHARM)
Phone: +41 22 379 05 85

Nicolas André Faust

(Master: project DARE)
Phone: +41 22 379 05 85

Former collaborators

Post Doctoral Researchers

G. Campargue picture

Dr. Gabriel Campargue

V. Kilin picture

Dr. Vasyl Kilin

(project Harmonic Nanoparticles)

PHD - direction and co-direction

Gabriel Campargue

PhD thesis in Open Archive UniGE (link)


no picture

Raphaël De Matos

co direction with S. Gerber at EPFL

Group for Functionalized Biomaterials (link)

Jeremy Riporto

Dr. Jeremy Riporto

PhD thesis in Open Archive UNIGE (link)

A. Rogov picture

Dr. Andrii Rogov

now at NIKON Instruments Suisse (link)

PhD thesis on Open Archive UNIGE (link)


Shayantani Ghosh

(project MF-CTCL skin cancer)
Phone: +41 22 379 05 71

Marta Pozzi

(Bachelor project FAIR CHARM)

from Università di Milano

Tariq Leinen

(project DARE)

from ETHZ

Doyoung Kim

MSc Physics


Dylan Brouzet

MSc Physics

(project INNOGAP)

O. Liashenko picture

Oleksandr Liashenko

MSc Physics

Omer Ozdemir picture

Omer Ozdemir

MSc Physics

S. Sakong picture

Sim Sakong

MSc Physics

Alexis Demierre

Alexis Demierre

A. Uldry picture

Aline Uldry
H. Haralambos picture

Haralambos Lemopoulos

E. Cuna picture

Enrique Cuna

Visitors and Stages

G. Forcherio picture

Gregory T. Forcherio

now at
University of Arkansas link