The next international workshop for quantum repeaters and networks will take place from Sept. 11-13, 2024 in Montreux. The goal of this biennial workshop is to bring the active research community together to discuss the progress, challenges and new possible directions for quantum repeaters and networks - key enabling technologies and system integration, protocols for connecting repeaters across network links with high fidelity, architectures for large-scale networks, and applications of distributed quantum entanglement.

The WQRN has been and continues to be a limited-attendance, few-day workshop, in which participants are given the opportunity to share ideas, directions, and concerns to advance the state of the field. Typically talks cater to broadly cover the applications, theory, components, and worldwide directions in quantum repeaters and networks. These talks frame group discussion sessions for which all participants are welcome to contribute; participants are also welcome to contribute to a poster session.

For more information see our webpage.