ID Quantique, founded by Professors Nicolas Gisin and Hugo Zbinden of the Department of Applied Physics of Faculty of Sciences of University for Geneva, as well as by Grégoire Ribordy, current CEO of the firm, is the world leader in quantum cryptography exchanges. The company, which currently employs abount 50 people, provides secure quantum encryption solutions and produces secure quantum keys for the financial industry, companies and government organizations. Rewarded several times since its creation in 2001, ID Quantique has already an international reputation. Professor Gisin, who received the 2014 Marcel Benoist Prize - one of Switzerland's most prestigious scientific awards - is working on the foundations and possible applications of quantum mechanics and cryptography. Professor Zbinden was honored by the Heinrich-Greinacher Prize of the Institute of Physics of the University of Bern for his work on quantum cryptography. Winner of the "2001 New Entrepreneurs in Technology and Science Award" for his work as co-founder and director of IDQ, Dr. Ribordy is among the most innovative people in the world according to the World Technology Network.