The Geneva Quantum Centre

The Geneva Quantum Centre (GQC) is a brand new initiative by research groups at the UNIGE Section of Physics and Faculty of Science. The centre aims to bring together all the research groups at UNIGE involved in quantum science and technology.

HD_KickOffMeeting_220913_IMG_2693.jpgAn incredible amount of progress has been made in quantum science over the past few decades, leading to an explosion of new technologies which exploit quantum effects. Quantum networks, computers, and simulators could potentially revolutionise our way of life, with quantum materials leading to the development of materials with previously unknown electronic properties.

Research groups at the University of Geneva are leading the way in many of these areas of quantum science and technology. These groups have established the GQC to bring together researchers at UNIGE from the four main areas of quantum research: quantum information and communications, quantum computation and simulation, quantum sensing and metrology, and quantum materials. The GQC aims to further develop the cutting-edge research being undertaken by researchers in quantum science at UNIGE by expanding innovation, and developing future generations of engineers and professionals in quantum technologies. The GQC will also be organising a broad range of outreach activities around Geneva and surrounding areas, helping to bring our quantum research into the public domain and showcase some of the incredible developments being made at UNIGE.

The launch of the GQC was marked by a kick-off meeting in September (more info on that here). This was a fantastic event, with over seventy researchers from all parts of the GQC coming together to discuss ongoing projects, share ideas, and form new partnerships. Speakers at the event included Anna Tamai, Andrea Caviglia, Alberto Morpurgo, Julian Sonner, Dmitry Abanin, Géraldine Hack, Nicolas Brunner, and our very own Rob Thew.

More info on the Geneva Quantum Centre, including upcoming events, can be found here.


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