Heralded amplification of path entangled quantum states

F. Monteiro, E. Verbanis, V. Caprara Vivoli, A. Martin, N. Gisin, H. Zbinden and R. T. Thew

Quantum Science and Technology, Volume 2, Number 2

Heralded photon amplification (HPA) is a teleportation-based protocol that has been proposed as a means to overcome transmission loss for DI-QKD. In a recent Quantum Science and Technology paper we show how HPA for path entangled states and characterise the entanglement before and after loss by exploiting a recently developed displacement-based detection scheme. We demonstrate that by exploiting HPA we are able to reliably maintain high fidelity entangled states over loss-equivalent distances of more than 50 km.

The work has also been covered by IOP publishing: Physicists add amplifier to quantum communication toolbox