The quantum technologies roadmap: a European community view

Antonio Acín, Immanuel Bloch, Harry Buhrman, Tommaso Calarco, Christopher Eichler, Jens Eisert, Daniel Esteve, Nicolas Gisin, Steffen J Glaser, Fedor Jelezko, Stefan Kuhr, Maciej Lewenstein, Max F Riedel, Piet O Schmidt, Rob Thew, Andreas Wallraff, Ian Walmsley and Frank K Wilhelm

New Journal of Phyics, 20, 080201 (2018)

"The Quantum Technologies Roadmap – A European community view" by the European Quantum Flagship - Written by a diverse set of leading researchers, they review the current status of the field, and map out the prospects and challenges for the future. Recently quantum technologies have received a lot of public attention: governments have launched large research programmes like the European QT flagship initiative. This article presents an updated summary of the quantum technology roadmap that has been under development for the last 20 years.

You can find the open access article Here: The quantum technologies roadmap: a European community view

There is also an interview with Rob Thew on IOP's Physics World site.