quantum metrology, quantum technologies, photon detector

Quantum Metrology

Exploring new physics usually requires a new, better way, of measuring a particular quantity. Optical measurements are ultimately limited by quantum mechanical effects, such as the uncertainty principle, shot noise or decoherence. However, quantum mechanics also offers new prospects for metrology. Our focus is on applying quantum mechanical tools and techniques to improve the performance of measurement devices and systems and the certification of quantum technologies.

This work has ranged from the characterisation of single photon detectors, CCDs and array-type imaging devices, to exploiting the no-cloning theorem to develop highly stable light sources and schemes for measuring absolute spectral radiance. We have also collaborated with national metrology institutes to improve methods for characterising, not only sources and detectors, but also more complex quantum technologies and systems such as QKD and QRNG. 

This work is increasingly more closely connected to our research activities, however, some key publications are:

Contact: Hugo Zbinden or Rob Thew