Handbook of Good Practices

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handbookLIVEWHAT findings provide evidence-based knowledge about citizens‘ resilience in times of economic crises, allowing for more effective policy responses to the negative consequences of such crises. The project examined the ways in which European citizens have reacted to the recent crisis that, at different degrees of intensity in different countries, has struck Europe since 2008, but also how they deal with economic crises and their consequences more generally. While the focus of the research was on citizens‘ coping strategies and responses (individual and collective), LIVEWHAT also examined policy responses so as to have a baseline for assessing citizens‘ resilience.

The Handbook of Good Practices provides an in-depth presentation of key policy results and relevant policy pointers with the aim of helping policy-makers and civil society actors in Europe to identify a more comprehensive and concerted problem-solving approach to tackling the negative effects of the recent economic crisis.