Il n'y a malheureusement pas de nouveau poste ouvert dans mon groupe de recherche. Il est inutile de me contacter directement.
Unfortunately, there is no new job opening in my research group. It is unnecessary to contact me directly.

Voici une liste de mes étudiants en thèse et en postdoctorat (actuels et passés)
Below is a list of my Phd students and postdocs (current and past)

Christoforos Panagiotis (Postdoc, started 2020)

Romain Panis (Phd, started 2020)

Trishen Gunaratnam (Postdoc, started 2020)

Matthias Kloeckner (Phd, started 2019)

Alex Karrila (Postdoc, finished 2020, now associate professor in Abo Akademi)

Giovanni Antinucci (Postdoc, finished 2020, now working outside of academia)

Dmitry Krachun (Phd, started 2018)

Pierre-François Rodriguez (Postdoc, finished 2020, now lecturer Imperial college)

Mendes Oulamara (Phd, finished 2022)

Subhajit Goswami (Postdoc, finished 2020, now reader at Tata Institute of Fundamental Research of Mumbai)

Franco Severo (Phd student, finished 2020, now postdoc at ETH)

Jhih-Huang Li (Phd student, finished 2017, now assistant professor at the national university of Taiwan)

Aran Raoufi (Phd student, finished 2017, now working outside academia)

Daria Smirnova (Phd student, finished 2018)

Matan Harel (finished 2017, now Assistant Professor Northeastern University)

Ioan Manolescu (finished 2015, now Full Professor in Fribourg)

Vincent Tassion (finished 2016, now Associate Professor in ETH Zurich)