Paul Turner


Originally from Auckland, New Zealand, I now live in Switzerland and work in the mathematics department at the University of Geneva. After completing a Ph.D at the University of Manchester, under the guidance of Peter Eccles, I was an Alexander von Humboldt research fellow at the University of Heidelberg, and then a research associate at the Max-Planck-Institut in Bonn. My first lecturing post was in the Mathematics department at the University of Aberdeen in Scotland, where I stayed for three years before moving to Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh. I spent 2004 and 2005 in France as a Marie Curie advanced research fellow at IRMA in Strasbourg. After a year back in Edinburgh I moved to Switzerland in 2007.

Section de mathématiques,
2 - 4 rue du Lièvre,
1207 Geneva,


My current research is centred around the cohomology of sheaves on small categories.


All my research articles along with links to electronic versions can be found here.

Swiss Knots

Along with David Cimasoni and Sebastian Baader I am one of the founders of Swiss Knots, a biennial conference on knot theory and low dimensional topology.


I currently teach at the university of Geneva.


An interactive book-app for iPad co-authored with Hugo Parlier which attempts to give non-mathematicians a fresh view of mathematics.