Guideline for individual papers

Unfolding of individual paper sessions

Individual paper presentations last 30 minutes, including 20 minutes of presentation and 10 minutes for questions/answers and discussion.

Individual paper sessions are self-regulated: it is expected that the presenter of the final paper in each session will act as the designated Chair.

Chairs of individual paper sessions are expected to keep time allocation throughout the presentations, to introduce presenters by name and to facilitate the discussion.

In the case of a last-minute cancelation within a session, it is recommended that the schedule of the session remains as indicated in the conference program. This is to facilitate mobility across parallel sessions and to avoid unanticipated changes in the conference program.

Presenters of individual papers are recommended to get to their presentation room at least 10 minutes before the start of the session in order sort technical details and to coordinate with other contributors.

Presenters are strongly recommended to take part to the entire session in which they are delivering their individual paper.

Technical requirements

Presentation rooms are fully equipped with :

  • 1 Beamer
  • 1 computer (PC)
  • VGA cable for laptop connection (Mac users who will bring their own laptop are asked to provide a VGA adapter)

  • Audio mini-jack

Unless they use their own personal laptop, presenters are recommended to use Microsoft PowerPoint to support their talk. Presentations produced by any other specific software may not be running properly.

In the case of difficulties related to technical aspects support will be available on each level of the conference venue.