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The links gathered below contain most of the necessary information for studying mathematics at the University of Geneva. Note that most of these webpages are in French, which is the language of instruction for the majority of courses taught in our section.

If you are not able to find the answer to your question there, or if you are simply looking for advice, you can contact us:

For the Bachelor: David Cimasoni
office 4-11, tel: ++41 22 37 91139,

For the Master: Bart Vandereycken
office 5-11, tel: ++ 41 22 37 91171,

University of Geneva

  • The admission to the studies in mathematics is the responsibility of the central administration, both at the Bachelor and Master levels: all information and application forms can be found on this page.
  • For any questions about tuition, enrollment, changing Faculty, registration in a second Faculty, please read the website of the Service des Admissions.
  • Several services are available to students to help with their integration and general well-being: see this link.
  • French classes are offered at the Maison des Langues.

Faculty of Science

Section of Mathematics

  • Most of the information about studying in the Section of Mathematics can be found here. The timetables are available there.
  • This document contains the list of courses offered in the section (see this site for the list of optional courses). Please note that most courses are given in French.
  • You can also download the programme of study for the Bachelor and the Master in mathematics.
    (A reform of the Master came into effect in September 2021; the old study plan, which still applies to the students who started their Master before this date, is available here.)
    For any administrative or legal question about these documents, contact the Secrétariat de la Faculté des Sciences.
  • If you wish to apply for a PhD position in our section, you should first identify a Professor active in your area of interest and contact him or her directly (see the list of Professors together with their field of research here).
  • The website of the Mathematics Students Association can be found here.
  • Questions about equivalences and the ERASMUS programme should be addressed to the people in charge, who can be found here.
  • This page contains several advices (in French) concerning exams.