Bart Vandereycken


I am an associate professor in the numerical analysis group at the mathematics department of the university of Geneva. Prior to joining the university of Geneva, I was an instructor of mathematics at Princeton University from September 2012 to January 2015. Before that, I was a post doc at EPF Lausanne and ETH Zurich. I obtained my PhD at KU Leuven in December 2010.

In 2011, I was awarded the Alston S. Householder award for my PhD thesis. For my research on Riemannian optimization for low-rank matrix equations, I received a Leslie Fox Prize in 2011 and a SIAM Outstanding Paper prize in 2012.

My research is on large-scale and high-dimensional problems that are solved numerically using low-rank matrix and tensor techniques. Examples of such problems are the electronic Schrödinger equation, parametric partial differential equations, and low-rank matrix completion. I tend to focus on practical algorithms that can be formulated on Riemannian matrix manifolds and use techniques from numerical linear algebra. My other research interests include pseudospectra, matrix means, model-order reduction, and multilevel preconditioning.

If you are interested in doing a Master thesis or a PhD in numerical analysis or numerical linear algebra, please send me an email.

Together with Martin Gander and Gilles Vilmart, I organize the Numerical Analysis seminar. Contact me if you are interested


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